Spectacle speculation? Snap FCC filing points to ‘Model 002’ for camera glasses

The possibility of Snap Spectacles 2.0 has swirled the rumor pool for months now, but a new FCC filing suggests a second generation of the camera glasses is more than just Spectacle speculation. On April 10, the FCC published paperwork from a Snap Inc. filing. While the paperwork isn’t published in full, what is available offers a few clues about the possibility of Spectacles 2.0, referenced in the documents as “Model 002.”

According to Variety, the paperwork lists a new Wi-Fi standard, moving up to 802.11ac, which would mean faster file transfers compared to the original camera glasses. A relocated FCC label was also part of the details not removed from the paperwork — a snippet leading to speculation that the frames could have a different design. The FCC label is an electronic one that’s also linked to the Snapchat app.

The paperwork is too heavily redacted to offer much more details on the new version, but the “Model 002” bit supports the idea that Snap could be building a second generation. Previous reports from anonymous sources suggested two new versions of the camera glasses. One pair would see more minor improvements like water resistance and a few performance boosts. The second, according to those early reports, points to a flagship model with dual cameras for depth sensing applications. The high-end pair is also rumored to have aluminum frames and a $300 price point.

While Spectacles originally created long lines wrapping around happy yellow vending machines, Snap Inc. was reportedly left with $40 million worth of the camera glasses still in warehouses. If “Model 002” is any indication, it doesn’t appear Snap Inc. is giving up on hardware any time soon. 

The company’s first commercial, which aired last week, continued the Snap Inc.’s push to become a camera company — a change that started with the rebrand to Snap Inc. The commercial calls Snapchat “a new kind of camera,” pokes fun at an old point-and-shoot, and highlights some of the social network’s defining features, including augmented reality filters, photo editing stickers, Stories, Snap Map, and visual messages. The ad also appears to target users beyond Snapchat’s traditionally younger user base, depicting a wider range of age groups interacting with the app.

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