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Photoshop Fix is finally here for you Androids out there

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Android users are finally being rewarded for their patience in the form of Adobe Photoshop’s newest app — Photoshop Fix. No less than a year after initially debuting the app for iOS, the powerful tool has now jumped the fence and made itself available to the operating system the rest of the world (or rather, most of the world) uses. So rejoice, Android friends. Photoshop Fix is finally here for you.

Put away your Instagram or whatever other photo editing tool you may be using to touch up your images. This is real thing. Tools included in the new app include the the face-aware Liquify tool, which allows you to toy with facial expressions; as well as Heal, Smooth, red eye reduction, spot heal, and even a clone stamp.

And because Instagram is so popular, you can use Photoshop Fix to add a vignette effect or defocus your image. General characteristics can also be edited by way of color and paint tools, as well as various options for exposure, saturation, contrast, and more. And if you want to switch from your Android device to your desktop and continue working on the same image, Adobe’s CreativeSync will package your edits into a layered PSD file so you can keep going where you left off. That said, in order to access that particular feature, you’ll have to have a Creative Cloud subscription.

If you don’t want to pay for Adobe, however, you can still use Photoshop Fix on Android. But only on Android. And hey, maybe that’s enough for some of us amateurs out there.

So if you’ve been waiting for Photoshop to come to your Android device, your day of reckoning is finally here. Go ahead, make all those images you’ve been hoarding look all the more attractive with a little liquifying, smoothing, and healing.

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