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Drone pilots can now fine-tune videos and stills with these DJI Spark filters

DJI Spark Filters
DJI’s folding Spark drone now has its own set of filters. On Tuesday, accessory company PolarPro launched a set of DJI Spark filters, along with a soft case for the quadcopter.

The PolarPro DJI Spark filters are designed to give pilots more control over the aerial images and video, available in a pack of three or six different filter options. Both options include a polarizing filter — these filters control reflected light to either enhance or eliminate reflections. Along with correcting glare, polarizing filters also boost the blue in the skies and the green in foliage for outdoor shots. The kit also includes a neutral density filter, which reduces the amount of light coming into the camera for more control over the video settings in bright sunlight, with two different strengths in the three pack and three in the six pack. The larger collection also offers combination filters in two strengths, merging both the neutral density and polarizing filter into one.

Because the filters are designed for use on the small drone, the filters are designed with aircraft aluminum frames to keep the added weight low. PolarPro says that lightweight design means the gimbal can continue to operate smoothly, despite the added accessory. The front of the filter is designed with HD glass.

“The amazing confluence of technologies in the new DJI Spark make it a compact, go-anywhere solution ideal for filmmaking on the fly, and its gesture controls allow videographers to capture some amazing perspectives,” PolarPro CEO Jeff Overall said in a statement. “Like most consumer-level drones, our new Spark Filter Sets can help optimize those results by slowing the shutter speed with our neutral density filters and boosting the color rendering with our combo polarizing filters.”

The three filter set will retail for $50 while the six pack retails for about $100.

One of the Spark’s most popular features is the folding wings and compact body that allows the drone to fit in a backpack and PolarPro is helping users take the portable drone more places with a custom moulded case. The PolarPro DJI Spark Soft Case uses an interior designed to fit the drone’s exact form, while still leaving the propellers attached. The case also leaves enough room to store two extra batteries.

The soft case is designed to turn any bag into a Spark-safe tote. A carabineer loop also allows the case to be strapped to the exterior of a bag as well. The case retails for $25 and includes a lifetime warranty.

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