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Switchback is a quick mount that GoPro should have created from the start

GoPros are often loved for their mounting options, from clamps to even the mouth-held Grill Mount, but one Kickstarter campaign is releasing something that feels like it should have been available from the start: a quick spring pin mount.

Traditional GoPro mounts are attached to the camera’s housing using a screw, which actually takes a few seconds to secure. Adjusting the angle or swapping mounts means messing with the screw again, which is frankly a pretty slow process for a camera that’s designed for shooting quick action.

That’s why a team of mechanical engineering students from Purdue University created the Switchback. The spring pin mount keeps the camera (and base) secured but allows for quick set-up and even easy rotation using the release handle. The Switchback can remain on the camera, while using multiple bases allows the system to be swapped between different mounts.


Since the Switchback is attached using the same two- and three-pronged mounts, it’s compatible with all GoPro mounting systems and can be easily added to any existing mount for quick adjustments.

The team developed the idea during a sophomore engineer class last year, forming BOCE LLC to advance the concept further. While the group has successfully designed the mount using 3D printing, BOCE is looking to make the attachment even sturdier using injection moulding. For that to happen, the group is looking to fund the manufacturing process through Kickstarter.

The team’s simple idea has a pretty simple price point too — a $15 early-bird pledge will get supporters one Switchback with two bases, with the price going up to $20 after the early offers are taken. Of course, as a Kickstarter, the project needs to reach its funding goal for backers to receive the product. The team is looking to raise at least $40,000 by August 4.

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