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This 4K time-lapse of Grand Teton required nearly a month to create

More Than Just Parks has released its latest video, showcasing the majestic Grand Teton National Park. A mix of mostly time-lapse photography and some real-time footage, the film captures the park during both day and night, and even offers a few glimpses at the local fauna. It is “the culmination of nearly a month spent filming the spectacular Jackson Hole Valley and the foothills of the Teton Mountain Range,” the filmmakers wrote on Vimeo.

To capture the diverse landscape of the 500 square miles of wilderness the park covers, the makers used three different cameras throughout the shoot, including the Sony A7R II, Canon EOS 5D Mark III, and Blackmagic Design Production Camera 4K. Specialized camera control gear from Alpine Labs was used to add smooth camera motion into the time-lapse sequences.

For viewers lucky enough to have an ultra-high-definition TV or monitor, the video is available in 4K resolution. The time-lapse content itself is 8K ready, but can’t be viewed as such online. Even if it could be, we’re guessing very few people likely have a monitor that could handle it. The video joins a growing number of time-lapse sequences being produced with the 8K future in mind.

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More Than Just Parks is a passion project for brothers Jim and Will Pattiz, who founded Sea Raven Media. The duo combined their experience in film production with their love for the outdoors, and have as a goal filming all 58 U.S. national parks. The project appears to be completely self-funded, although the Pattiz brothers are accepting donations from anyone interested in contributing.

Grand Teton is the eighth film in the series to be completed, joining Badlands, Zion, Arcadia, Redwood, Joshua Tree, Smoky Mountains, and Olympic National Parks. All films can be found on the More Than Just Parks website.

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