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With endless zippers, Wandrd Duo may be the organized photographer’s dream bag


Can’t decide between a camera bag with fast side access or a full-front zip? The Wandrd Duo Daypack uses what the company calls an “infinity” zipper system to give photographers four different ways to access gear. The company calls the backpack a versatile dawn-to-dusk bag for work or play — and it’s well past the original Kickstarter goal with nearly $500,000 in the campaign, running through July 26.

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The Duo’s unique design starts with the four different access points, made possible through a system of four zippered sliders. The bag offers side access from either side (something for lefties to celebrate), allowing photographers to slide the camera out of the bag without completely removing the pack. A traditional top access zip is also included, and finally, all the zippers open for full access to the inside, with the bag unfolding clamshell-style.

The DUO Daypack | Daily Carry Elevated

Inside, a pop cube stashes a camera or folding compact drone at the bottom of the bag — the cube can simply be flattened when not used as a camera bag, then popped back up to use the protective separator. Toward the top of the bag, the Duo has two padded organization pockets to stash lenses or an external hard drive. Small mesh pockets fit smaller accessories, while elastic cord organizers are also built into the bag. A padded laptop sleeve, fitting most 15 inch laptops, is also included.

Outside, the bag includes a few smaller pockets as well as external attachment points for adding a tripod to the bottom of the bag. The company says the back panel is molded to maximize comfort and air flow. Side grab handles offer a secondary way to carry the bag.

The exterior is constructed from waterproof ballistic nylon with weather-resistant zippers, making a rain sleeve unnecessary, the company says.

Like Wandrd’s five previous bags, the Duo Dayback is launching on Kickstarter. The bag has already exceeded the $25,000 goal several times over, negating some — but not all — of the Kickstarter risk. The earliest backers can pick up the bag for $175 or $190 once the early bird pledges run out. The company expects the bag to ship in December.

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