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Professional YouTuber shares crash course for shooting quality videos

Do you want to try your hand at creating better content for YouTube to promote your business or just for fun? Well, knowing where to start and what sort of things to consider would be pretty helpful, and this resource fits the bill nicely.

Austin Evans is a popular YouTube creator who makes technology-related videos and has been doing so for years. In one of his latest, Evans gives us a full rundown and crash course on how he creates effective YouTube videos.

It may seem silly, but one of the biggest points Evans makes in his video is the importance of just getting the shot. All of the best ideas in the world mean nothing if you never capture any of them, and a less than ideal quality video is still miles better than no video. You are just getting started, no one expects you to get it perfect from the start, so be OK with mistakes or problems. Note them and use the experience for improvement.

After that Evans goes over some of the more tech-related angles to creating YouTube content, things like what sort of camera to consider, the effect that different lenses can have on your shot, what sort of exposure settings to use when recording, and more.

Evens even shares some software and editing tips to get you pointed in the right direction as far as how to actually put the video you capture together before uploading it on your channel. If you are wondering where to start on your YouTube journey, this video, and many of the others over on Evans’ channel, will be a great place to start.

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