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Trends with Benefits: $50 Fire tablets, Apple helps Spotify, 3D-printed TSA Keys

We covered a broad range of topics today, starting off with Amazon’s announcement about the new Amazon Fire tablets. They’re cheap at $50 a piece (or a 6-pack for $249). Are they worth it, or should you just upgrade? The new Fire TV is also on it’s way. It now features their voice assistant Alexa and 4K Ultra HD Video streaming. In addition, there is a new Fire TV Gaming Edition complete with gaming controller.

Following up on Apple’s big announcements last week, we briefly cover the iOS 9 upgrade. The trolls also came out in force this week, with Apple’s “Move to iOS” app for Android users. What’s that all about? Apple Music is supposed to be one of the biggest competitors to Spotify. Spotify’s CEO, Daniel Ek, doesn’t seem to view it that way. In fact, he thanked Apple for jumping into streaming music and cited it as a reason for a huge increase in their subscription base.

Then we jump to the ever popular topic of drones. Drone regulation will be one of the biggest issues in tech over the next few years, but how do you do it? The U.K. and NASA are teaming up with a possible plan.

Plus, we cover a new issue for the TSA. Someone created and released a 3D print file that allows anyone to make a TSA master key for the locks that they use when inspecting bags. The TSA’s response? Not much!

Finally, Drew makes a shocking confession regarding his past that will surely come back to haunt him.

Today’s episode features Ryan Waniata, Drew Prindle, Ben Lundin, and Greg Nibler. We also broadcast live on Periscope taking your questions throughout the show! Follow @DigitalTrends for alerts when we go live each Thursday afternoon, or send in questions ahead of time to

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