These are the 4 types of people who will buy the gold iPhone

4 types of people who will buy gold iphones verucamodnc

As you’ve likely heard, Apple has released two new iPhones… and one of them is the much-coveted gold iPhone 5S. There’s been much derision over the gaudy device, and while plenty of jokes are being made at its expense, apparently fanboys and girls out there are snagging it up because it’s in short supply for launch day. 

But who exactly is buying the gold iPhone? You know you’re going to get some hell for it, but your “IDGAF” attitude has taken over and the precious must be yours. So after some Twitter investigation, we found out who you are. These are the four types of people who have bought or will buy the gold iPhone. 

1. Spoiled teens (and very likely their spineless parents)

A quick Google search reveals what we already know: The youngins are iPhone-crazy and will do whatever it takes to get the latest one. And of course, “whatever it takes” involves hounding mom and dad to get the gadget for them, and depending on how much moolah they have (or how often they equate love with getting their kids what they want), they often give in.

2. Flashy executives

If you’re boss man of a tech company in Silicon Valley, you’re most likely one of the first few folks to get your hands on the gold iPhone. In fact, you may even have one now (or know someone who does):

If you’ve got boatloads of money to burn, you probably would go all out and go for the real thing – an iPhone literally covered in gold:

3. Um… gay guys? 

Twitter is unfortunately teeming with bigots who don’t think real men would buy the gold iPhone (but will willingly get it in silver or space gray because, you know, manliness).

4. Chavs

Searching gold iPhone-related tweets revealed a lot of “chav” comments:

And while we had no clue what exactly a chav was, Urban Dictionary has a pretty spectacular definition that it’s worth quoting verbatim:

iphone 5s chav

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