This new widget lets you embed entire Facebook Albums

how to embed facebook photo albums photos

People usually upload photos on Facebook for the purpose of sharing them with their friends. However, not everyone has an account on the social networking site (to which I say: Yeah right, guys …quit pretending you don’t want in!). To solve this problem, Facebook includes a link with every Facebook photo album you assemble and share, one that you can pass on to people, whether they have their own profile or not.

facebook share album link

But those who are in the business of producing content on the Web have a couple more steps to get through to get those photo albums screengrabbed, rightfully cropped, and drag-and-dropped into content management systems. Thankfully, Facebook has embraced the coming of embeddable Web. It’s already afforded users the option to skip the printscreen button and go straight for embedding Facebook posts. This move opened the doors for others to figure out a way to take the next step into embedding Facebook photo albums., a Macedonia-based digital marketing agency that founded a platform that makes it easier to share tools for better social engagement, has created a new widget – appropriately named Embed Facebook Gallery – that allows users to embed their Facebook photo albums on their blog or website. Here’s how it works:

Go to Facebook and find the album you would like to embed. Copy the link in the address bar. Go to Embed Facebook Gallery and paste the link into the field and click Go.

embed facebook gallery

This will generate two pieces of code that you can enter into your post. You can adjust the width and height of the iframe so it fits your blog’s text area.

embed facebook gallery - preview

This is what the embedded photo album looks like, adjusted to Digital Trends’ space requirements:

For now, it looks like the widget only works for albums posted using a Facebook page account, so if you’re hoping to use the feature on your personal photos, you’re out of luck – you can, however, visit your favorite Facebook page and share their albums on your blog or website.

We’ve contacted the developers to ask if this is a restriction on Facebook’s part or if it’s a limitation they will eventually resolve, and will update this piece once we receive word.

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