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Twitter test makes news the first thing users see in the timeline

Twitter wants to make sure you didn't miss that big news story, and is placing the news -- and a curated list of related tweets -- at the top of your feed. The Twitter test currently uses topics selected by staff but could switch to…
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From grit to sparkle: How to clean up your Instagram account

Instagram profile bogged down by odd photos or conflicting styles? Instagram feed filled with accounts you wish you had never followed? Here's how to easily clean up your Instagram account.
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No helmet needed: NASCAR expands Twitter deal for in-car live-streams

NASCAR and Twitter have inked a deal for more POV in-car live-steams for a bunch of races during the second half of the 2018 season. Coverage will also include race highlights so fans can keep up with all the action.
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Social media is flooded with illegal wildlife trade but A.I. can help

Thanks to researchers at the University of Helsinki’s Digital Geography Lab, wildlife may find help through a popular tool traffickers use to deal their illegal wares — social media.

Switch up your Reddit routine with these interesting, inspiring, and zany subs

So you've just joined the wonderful world of Reddit and want to explore it. With so many subreddits, however, navigating the "front page of the internet" can be daunting. You're in luck -- we've gathered 23 of the best subreddits to help…
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YouTube will add factual links to conspiracy-theory videos — using Wikipedia

After a conspiracy theory video that was later removed made it to YouTube's trending section, the platform decided to make changes to help cue viewers in to potentially false content by adding links to related Wikipedia content.
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Despite rumors, Instagram isn’t going back to a chronological feed

A video of one Instagram users' feed in chronological order has created a rumor that the news feed is going back to chronological. But according to Instagram, the algorithm-based news feed isn't going anywhere.

Twitter looks to score a goal with new deal for Major League Soccer games

U.S. fans of the domestic soccer scene can enjoy at least 24 MLS games live on Twitter this season, with lots of exclusive extras thrown in, too. The coverage started on Saturday and is part of a three-year deal.
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Facebook Watch to get exclusive rights to 25 MLB games

The MLB and Facebook have reached a partnership that will guarantee Facebook Watch exclusive rights to 25 weekly MLB games starting in April of this year.
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From pranksters to pop stars, these are the 10 biggest YouTube channels

For better or worse, YouTube celebrities have had a profound impact on popular culture. From comedy to Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber to Bollywood music, these are the most subscribed channels on the video-sharing platform.

After Warner Music deal, Facebook is in league with all three major labels

Facebook now has deals with Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, and Sony/ATV Music Publishing, the three companies that control the music of virtually all of the most popular artists on Earth.

Twitter CEO aims to overhaul verification as digital coin scams grow

During a Periscope live-stream on Thursday, Jack Dorsey and David Gasca talked about overhauling Twitter's confusing verification system. The move could help lower the number of cryptocurrency scams proliferating the social platform.