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gen z vs flip phone 1

We forced a Gen Z kid to text with a flip phone for 24 hours

We find out what it looks like for one Gen Z’er to go without their smartphone for an entire day.
dt daily 10 23 quinn slocum interview poster for 5852489778001

Superstar influencer Quinn Slocum talks building brands and living well

Social media influencer Quinn Slocum has found a great deal of success building popular Instagram pages, and now he's got advice for the next generation of Instagram stars. The hosts of DT Daily talked to Slocum about how he got his start, his advice for entrepreneurs, and how his mom describes his job.
how to upload photos snapchat story white border of shame

How to upload photos to Snapchat Story, and eliminate the ‘white border of shame’

Not everyone knows how to upload photos to Snapchat Story, or how to skirt the white border when using an another app. Here's how.

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