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Facebook abandons idea of a split news feed after test, axes Explore bookmark

After testing a split news feed that put posts from friends and posts from Pages on separate feeds, Facebook is abandoning the idea based on user response. At the same time, the Explore bookmark will also be discontinued.
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Twitter needs fixing, so it’s funding research into social media ‘health’

Twitter wants to know, what, exactly, does a healthy social media platform look like? The company is funding research to build a set of "health" metrics that gauge the platform's performance.
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What you should know about Vero, the sketchy social app that came out of nowhere

Vero has taken the social media world by storm recently, but the app isn't good. Worse, its founder's reputation also has many users jumping ship -- but deleting your account isn't the most straightforward process.
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Twitter’s new share tools mean enjoying tweets at any time

Love Twitter's real-time feed but can't dig into that link or video just yet? Twitter now allows users to bookmark tweets, along with adding save shortcuts. Here is how to save a tweet on Twitter.

Study shows minorities use Twitter to voice issues ahead of mainstream coverage

In a study of over 46 million tweets, researchers commissioned by the Knight Foundation found how minorities on Twitter interact with the news. The Twitter study highlights how news is handled on the platform -- in both good ways and bad.

Turn your iPhone into a modern-day camcorder with the new Air app

You can replace your old video camera with a new app that promises to bring home movies to the latest generation of parents. Meet Air, a family camcorder app that lets you capture unlimited HD video from your phone. 
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YouTube Live’s new geotags allow world exploration from your couch

YouTubers can now browse videos by location, use a Super Chat to trigger a pet feeder or confetti canon, or watch live videos with automatic captions, thanks to a list of new features added to YouTube Live.

An hour with the Galaxy S9 Plus reveals what the camera is all about

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 can switch between two apertures, but why? We explain it here, with photo comparisons taken directly from the Galaxy S9 Plus. We also take a closer look at the super-slow-motion feature, as well as Live Focus.

Think Snapchat is dead? Then check out the Like app and its AR effects

If Snapchat is over, what's new and happening? Hoping to fill the void is Like, a short video app with some of the most advanced technology in its category. Like has proven its popularity by attracting more than 25 million users.
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How to delete your Tinder account

Maybe you found love on Tinder, but chances are you've grown tired of the constant messaging and dates that go nowhere. Whatever your reasons for stepping away from the app, here's how to delete your Tinder account.

What is fake news? How to spot it in an age of misinformation

Fake news is the phrase on everyone's lips these days, but what exactly does it mean? Here's our guide to what fake news is, and how to spot it in an era rife with hyperbole and misinformation.
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Social Feed: Messenger adds shortcut for group calls, Instagram expands privacy

What's new on your favorite networks? Messenger group calls are now easier to start, Instagram has new privacy options for photos in Direct, and Twitter updated policies on self-harm. It's this week's Social Feed.