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Incogni remove your personal data from brokers and more

Incogni: Recover your privacy and remove personal information from the internet

With Incogni you can remove your personal info from the internet including sensitive details like address, SSN, and more. Take back your info from data brokers.
Sprout Social main office entrance with brand logo in full view.

Level up your company’s social media strategy with Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an all-in-one-social media management platform for businesses big and small, and it will change the way you see social networking. Learn more.

Groupon offers new way to nab deals with SmartKiosk experiment

PayPal to move into daily deals, threat to Groupon

Poorsquare brings Foursquare deals to the masses

Google Offers vs. Groupon vs. Facebook Deals


Groupon rumored to partner with Foursquare for targeted daily deals

Groupon and Loopt partner to offer real-time, location-aware deals

Ziff Davis acquires tech deals site LogicBuy

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