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You can now add Snapchat's giant-emoji stickers to your snaps

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Snapchat is rolling out an update today that includes a new way to customize your snaps.

Once installed, users will be able to add stickers — previously exclusive to the app’s Chat 2.0 messaging feature — to their photo and video messages, and to Live Story broadcasts.

If you’re unfamiliar with Snapchat’s range of stickers, they’re not too dissimilar to the colorful icons available on other social networks and chat apps, such as Facebook or Line. They include everything from crazy characters (often in the form of cute animals) to speech bubbles containing popular terms and phrases. You can add the stickers to your recordings by tapping the note icon at the top of your screen, according to The Verge.

In their original form, the icons are larger than emojis, meaning they’ll take up more space in your snaps. However, you can scale them in size by pinching them on the screen the same way you would with an emoji, and similar to the touch function for zooming in and out on your smartphone camera.

Ultimately, you’ll have to get a bit creative with your sizing and placement skills. Don’t forget, you can also get them to move around in your videos the same way you would emojis, thanks to Snapchat’s previous update.

For Snapchat itself, allowing users to incorporate its stickers into snaps will undoubtedly increase their profile. In fact, now when you tap the envelope button they are the first option you see, indicating that perhaps Snapchat is hoping you’ll choose them over Apple’s default emojis.

Whatever the rationale behind the update, frequent users of the app will likely welcome the opportunity to add an exhaustive amount of new stickers to their snaps.

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