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Vine tweaks its iOS app for faster videos, and adds an offline viewing mode

vine ios update

Vine has just updated its iOS app, bringing with it a welcome speed boost and a new offline viewing feature.

The team behind the six-second video app says new posts should show up quicker than ever as the update means content – including your home feed, your activity notifications, and Vines in Explore – now starts downloading before you even open the app. Presumably this preloading won’t lead to any data usage issues, though if it does, no doubt we’ll hear about it.

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The implementation of a smaller video file size has also helped to speed things up, an improvement that comes with no obvious negative effect on picture quality. Those with a slower Internet connection are most likely to notice the speed bump, the Twitter-owned company said in a blog post announcing the update.

Offline viewing

In addition, the update means users can now view Vines offline, so whether you’re in airplane mode or simply in a location without a signal, you can still get your fix of looped videos without breaking a sweat.

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You can grab the latest version of Vine by hitting this link for the iTunes store, or from the updates page of the App Store app on your iOS device.

Vine works on most iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches, though the app is currently optimized for the iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. The team says the improvements that come as part of this week’s iOS update will also be coming soon to Android.

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