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Will Instagram make its Windows Phone debut on the Nokia Lumia 928?

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Instagram started out as exclusive to iOS, and we all collectively lost it when the app finally launched for Android. But now Windows Phone manufacturers are pushing hard for the Facebook-owned photo-sharing service to make an appearance on the upcoming Lumia 928.

WMPowerUser reported an anonymous tip that Instagram will show up on the Lumia 928, along with Temple Run 2 and Jetpack Joyride. Anonymous rumors are never the most reliable of sources, but this makes sense with everything else we know about Instagram’s potential migration to WP8.

If Instagram does show up on the Lumia 928, it will confirm rumors that Instagram is on its way to Windows Phone 8. And the evidence is definitely there: An early tweet from Nokia about plans to bring the service to its upcoming phones. The tweet is in Swedish, but it talks about how their deal with Instagram is in development. Nokia also hinted at the potential for Instagram on its phones in a Facebook post. Nokia FB Sweden on instagram launch to windows phone

Right now, if Nokia Windows Phone users want to show Instagram how much they want the app on their phones, they can sign up for the app Nokia made, #2InstaWithLove, which lets users take filtered pictures and automatically adds the hashtag. The app obviously isn’t as developed as Instagram, since it’s meant as a bid for attention rather than a replacement.

Will Nokia’s aggressive campaign work? We’ll have to wait for May 14 to find out – that’s the expected debut date for the Lumia 928.

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