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Non-graphic LGBTQ content will be accessible in YouTube’s Restricted Mode

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YouTube’s Restricted Mode, designed for preventing kids from accessing mature content, is getting a refresh for content that discusses more tough topics in a low-key, non-graphic way. With the update, announced on Tuesday, YouTube will allow more videos to play inside Restricted Mode, including statements against discrimination and more LGBTQ content.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki says the change adds new content that was never meant to be excluded but was flagged by the system, which YouTube will continue to improve. Violence, sexual content, and language will still be excluded, but 12 million new videos are now accessible inside the filtered mode.

The change allows for LGBTQ content that is presented without being sexually explicit, violent or filled with offensive language to be played in Restricted Mode. For example, while kissing during a same-sex wedding ceremony would have previously been kept out of Restricted Mode, the update allows the content in. Wojcicki said that YouTube worked with both LGBTQ creators and volunteer employees, incorporating feedback into the filtering process.

The update also allows videos that discuss sensitive topics without graphic content or language, such as personal accounts of discrimination or violence as a result of identifying with a certain group.

YouTube will continue listening to feedback from the LGBTQ community, with several discussions and advisory sessions in the works. “At YouTube, we’re proud to stand with the LGBTQ community to support equal rights,” Wojcicki wrote. “Through Pride month and beyond, we will continue to honor the goal of making YouTube a place that celebrates your voices and community. We want YouTube to remain a place where LGBTQ people and their families, friends, and supporters can express themselves, empower others and find a place to belong.”

The update was announced alongside YouTube’s LGBTQ Pride Month initiatives, which includes the fifth year for the #ProudToBe campaign and partnerships with The Trevor Project organization and NYC LGBT Community Center. YouTube will also be introducing a U.S. Spotlight channel showcasing LGBTQ videos on June 27.

Restricted Mode is designed for both preventing kids and students from accessing graphic content, as well as limiting access in public locations such as libraries. YouTube Creators that have content flagged to be excluded from the Restricted Mode can request a review.

The update comes after the company created stricter guidelines earlier this month prohibiting hateful content from earning ad revenue.

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