Can’t we all just drive along? The not-so-universal language of autonomous cars

The road to an autonomous future is filled with competitive driving systems – but what happens when they encounter each other on the street? Automakers must decide whether to follow the same code, or duke it out for safety supremacy.

A.I. players master ‘Quake III Arena,’ manage to outperform humans

Artificial intelligence research company DeepMind has managed to train its virtual agents to play capture the flag in Quake III Arena, and they're even capable of beating human players.

IBM’s new supercomputer doesn’t just take orders — it can argue back

IBM's Project Debater is a supercomputer that is smart enough to win debates against humans. It can understand and rebut arguments, make jokes, and convince the audience that it has a better argument through a careful analysis of facts.
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Google’s A.I. tools can predict death risks more accurately than hospitals

Google is beating hospitals at their own game -- at least when it comes to death risk assessment. Google’s Medical Brain team has begun training its A.I. system to evaluate the risk of death among hospital patients.
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Make it so! 8 ‘Star Trek’ technologies that actually exist now (sort of)

For the past half-century, 'Star Trek' has offered us a tantalizing glimpse of the future. Here are eight examples of amazing 'Trek' technologies which now exist, to some extent, in the real world.

A.I. can now learn how to solve a Rubik’s Cube, researchers claim

Stephen McAleer has managed to create an algorithm that can solve the Rubik's Cube sans human help. It depends upon a process known as "autodidactic iteration" and it could have huge implications for the future.
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Here’s who’s going to win the World Cup, according to A.I.

With the FIFA World Cup kicking off in Russia, San Francisco-based tech firm Unanimous A.I. has used its considerable expertise to predict the outcome of the 32-team men's soccer tournament.
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MIT trained an A.I. using morbid Reddit captions, and it became a psychopath

Named after Psycho’s Norman Bates, MIT's new Norman project is billed as the world’s first psychopath A.I. And, despite its creepiness, its creators claim they had a good reason for doing it.
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Freakishly accurate A.I. security system identifies you based on your footsteps

Researchers from the U.K. and Spain have developed an A.I. biometric verification method which can accurately identify individuals based entirely on how they walk. Here's how it works.
Health & Fitness

A.I. detects skin cancer better than dermatologists in international study

In an international study that compared dermatologists and artificial intelligence neural networks in their ability to correctly diagnose skin cancers based on images, A.I. was accurate more often than the doctors.
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Fussy, hungry, or in pain? This app accurately translates your baby’s cries

Machine translation can help tell us what people are saying when they speak other languages. Could artificial intelligence also decipher what a baby is trying to communicate when it cries?

Microsoft acquires conversational A.I. technology firm Semantic

Microsoft is betting big on artificial intelligence. The Redmond, Washington-based technology giant announced the acquisition of Semantic Machines, a company focused on building conversational A.I.
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Can’t get enough of ‘Doom’? A.I. can generate an infinite number of new levels

Researchers from Italy have developed an artificial neural network that’s capable of generating a theoretically infinite number of new levels of the classic 1993 first-person-shooter 'Doom'.
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What is an artificial neural network? Here’s everything you need to know

Neural networks are behind some of the biggest advances in artificial intelligence. But what exactly is an artificial neural network? Check out our beginner's guide to clue you in.

Microsoft’s $25 million ‘A.I. for Accessibility’ seeks to amplify humanity

Microsoft kicked off its annual developer conference, Build 2018, with the announcement of a new program designed to invest in accessibility technologies built using artificial intelligence and machine learning.
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Facebook opens A.I. research labs in Seattle and Pittsburgh

Facebook is opening two new A.I. research facilities in Seattle and Pittsburgh. The company has hired professors from local universities, but has stressed that it does not want to deprive universities of their staff.
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A new A.I. can guess your personality type based on your eye movements

Researchers from Australia and Germany have developed a machine learning A.I. system that is able to predict a person’s personality type by looking into their eyes. Here's how it works.
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Neural networks? Machine learning? Here's your secret decoder for A.I. buzzwords

Don't know your machine learning from your evolutionary algorithms? Worried every time you sit on a bus in case Google's Larry Page sits down next to you with a pop quiz? Our handy A.I. buzzword guide is here to help.