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A.I. can generate pictures of a finished meal based on just a written recipe

Feeling hungry? Researchers from Tel-Aviv University in Israel have created an A.I. that's able to generate complete photos of meals, based only on reading the written recipes. Here's how.

Qualcomm shows off an A.I.-equipped car cockpit at CES 2019

Car cockpits will be getting an A.I. upgrade, thanks to Qualcomm's new Snapdragon-based automotive cockpit platform, which will cover aspects of the in-car experience from voice-activated interfaces to traditional navigation systems.
Emerging Tech

What is an artificial neural network? Here’s everything you need to know

Neural networks are behind some of the biggest advances in artificial intelligence. But what exactly is an artificial neural network? Check out our beginner's guide to clue you in.

CES 2019: Tech trends to watch for at the consumer electronics show

With more than 4,400 exhibiting companies and more than 2.7 million square feet of exhibition hall, CES is overwhelming. Here's what to expect from the upcoming show, from A.I. and self-driving cars to 5G networks and 8K televisions.
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How A.I. will change your world in 2019, for better or worse

From a science-fiction dream to a critical part of our everyday lives, artificial intelligence is everywhere. You probably don't see AI at work, and that's by design. AI is changing everything. But do we want it to?
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From drones to smart pills, 2018 saw significant tech advances in medicine

From medical robots and CRISPR gene editing to algorithms and organ deliveries by drone, here are 2018's most significant landmark events in which cutting-edge technology met medicine.
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From aerial delivery to parkour, robots made dizzying strides this year

2018 has generated no shortage of news, and the worlds of A.I. and robotics are no exception. Here are our picks for the most exciting, game changing examples of both we saw this year.

Nvidia’s Jetson AGX Xavier module is designed to give robots better brains

Nvidia's pricey Jetson AGX Xavier might help drive the next generation of smart robots. Nvidia hopes that developers will use its new Xavier module to power AI-driven machines like delivery drones and robots used in manufacturing.
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Nvidia’s new A.I. creates entire virtual cities by watching dash cam videos

Nvidia's groundbreaking new machine learning technology can generate a convincing virtual city simply by showing it car dashcam videos. Here's how it works and why that's so exciting.

Skype’s real-time A.I. captions and subtitles aim for better collaboration

Ever wanted to video chat with a foreign friend or coworker who doesn't speak the same language? Now you can, thanks to Skype's new translation and transcription feature, which displays auto-scrolling subtitles in your video chats.
Emerging Tech

Microsoft’s friendly Xiaoice A.I can figure out what you want — before you ask

Move over Siri and Alexa! Microsoft wants to build a new type of virtual assistant that wants to be your friend. Already making waves in Asia, could this be the future of A.I. BFFs?
Emerging Tech

Intel’s new ‘neural network on a stick’ aims to unchain A.I. from the internet

To kick off its first developer conference in Beijing, Intel unveiled the second generation of its Neural Compute Stick -- a device that promises to democratize the development of computer vision A.I. applications.
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Silver screen machines: These are the all-time best movies about A.I.

There are some great tech documentaries out there, but sometimes you just need a good feature film. But which one to choose for the discerning A.I. fan? Look no further than our list.
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Replaced by robots: 10 jobs that could be hit hard by the A.I. revolution

According to one study, 47 percent of current jobs in the United States could be automated within the next two decades. Here are 10 examples of the kind of employment that refers to.
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Like Google for CCTV, software could help cops scour surveillance video quickly

Surveillance footage is great, but finding the person you're looking for isn't so easy if you have to comb through hundreds of hours of video. This smart search engine promises to help.
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Smell like Skynet: IBM creates an A.I. that will design the perfect perfume

IBM's research division has teamed up with a master fragrance maker to create an A.I. that is capable of developing new perfumes, courtesy of IBM’s impressive machine learning technology.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a ride through the history of self-driving cars

It’s not easy to compress the history of self-driving cars into 10 milestones, but we’ve done our best. From a 1920s stunt in downtown New York to Google's Waymo, here are the events you should know.
Smart Home

Arlo’s A.I.-infused security cameras can recognize cars, pets, and packages

Arlo is infusing its line of cameras with artificial intelligence that is capable of detecting animals, vehicles, and packages. Device owners can set up custom notifications based on what the camera sees.