This camera eliminates the ocean waves so scientists can study coral

Scientists could study coral without the deep sea dive -- if they could see through the ocean waves. Fluid Cam is a camera that eliminates the waves so scientists can through the water to study coral.

Camera shootout: LG V30S ThinQ vs. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has earned plenty of acclaim for its impressive camera, but LG's new V30S ThinQ also has a great camera. How do the two South Korean brands stack up when we put the them to the test in a camera shootout?

How to clean your camera sensor safely

Do you notice small black specks in your photographs, regardless of what lens you use? If so, you might have dust on your sensor. Here's how to clean up your sensor using a variety of methods.

Here is how to choose the best SD cards for your camera

Between the classes, ratings, and capacities, picking out the right SD card can be a challenge. Here are the most important specs, how to interpret the numbers, and how to avoid paying too much.

Vivo injects A.I. into its new Super HDR photo tech for more beautiful pictures

Vivo is the latest smartphone maker to add artificial intelligence to its camera app with Super HDR, an enhanced HDR mode that exploits AI's ability in scene recognition to create beautiful photos in any lighting.

This Leica camera from 1923 fetched a record $2.96 million at auction

Leica cameras are expensive, everyone knows that, but $3 million? The huge sum was paid by a private collector for a 1923 Leica 0-Series camera at an auction in Austria over the weekend.

An hour with the Galaxy S9 Plus reveals what the camera is all about

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 can switch between two apertures, but why? We explain it here, with photo comparisons taken directly from the Galaxy S9 Plus. We also take a closer look at the super-slow-motion feature, as well as Live Focus.
Emerging Tech

The weirdest, wildest, and most wonderful wearables in the world

Not every wearable device aims for the kind of mass market appeal of the Apple Watch. Here are nine of our favorite from the weirder end of the wearable spectrum. Although we still love them.

The latest high-speed Phantom camera takes slow-mo to the next level

Vision Research continues to push the boundaries of high-speed cameras with its latest camera, the Phantom v2640. Its sensor might only be 4MP, but at full-resolution it can capture 6,600 frames per second.
Smart Home

Swann helps keep your home safe with a video doorbell and security camera

Swann has recently debuted a series of smart security innovations, including a Smart Video Doorbell, Smart Security Camera, and a companion app to control all components from afar.
Smart Home

Nanit baby monitor gets tech savvier still with new Alexa integration

This is not the baby monitor your parents used on you. Even infants are now reaping the benefits of technology, as a number of big names in the industry join forces to create Nanit, the first camera that measures sleep behavior and patterns
Smart Home

Somfy enters U.S. market with new outdoor security camera at CES 2018

Somfy Systems, Inc. makes its U.S. entry into smart home security with the Somfy Outdoor Camera, which will be showcased at CES 2018. The system earned the CES Innovation Award 2018.
Virtual Reality

Yi’s 360 VR Camera shoots immersive 5K video at half the cost of GoPro’s Fusion

The Yi 360 VR Camera is a direct competitor to GoPro’s much more expensive GoPro Fusion. We take a look at how it stacks up in design, features, and overall experience.

Snap the best picture you can by mastering the Xiaomi Mi A1’s camera

Is the Xiaomi Mi A1 in your pocket? Take it out, and start taking pictures, as it has a great camera on the back. Here is our guide to getting the best from the camera app, and its portrait mode.

Caply is a voice-controlled camera that can go with you anywhere

Just because you can't take your camera on your trip doesn't mean you won't have a way to capture photos -- meet Caply, heralded as the world's most durable action camera. It's currently on Kickstarter.
Emerging Tech

Like a bullet to a gun, scientists can match a photo to the phone that took it

Researchers at the University at Buffalo in New York have developed a security system that analyzes the unique flaws that exist in every single phone camera sensor. It could lead to a new way to enhance security and fight cybercrime.

Camera shootout: Galaxy Note 8 vs. iPhone 8

Samsung and Apple’s big screen, big-body phones both have amazing cameras; but can the Galaxy Note 8 beat the iPhone 8 Plus when it comes to taking photos in all weathers and situations? We found out when we took them both to Japan.

Mantis shrimp are the inspiration for this new polarized light camera

Thanks to Mother Nature's inspiration by way of the mantis shrimp, we may now have a camera that can improve early cancer detection, and potentially help us better understand underwater phenomena.