The 5 budget PCs that prove PC gaming is for everyone

If you're looking for the best cheap gaming PCs you can buy, don't worry. You do have options. Our list of affordable gaming rigs includes the latest hardware from AMD and Nvidia, plus full support for VR headsets.

AMD indirectly blasts Nvidia’s GeForce Partners Program in open letter

AMD blasts rival Nvidia for charging a "gamer tax" with its anti-competitive GeForce Partners Program. AMD highlights freedom of choice for gamers, its partners, and the gaming industry, pledging its commitment to open innovation and…

HP’s mainstream Pavilion PCs refreshed with latest AMD Ryzen, Intel Core CPUs

HP refreshed its entire family of Pavilion-branded devices spanning its 2-in-1s, laptops, and tower desktops. The devices now support new eighth-generation Intel Core and second-generation AMD Ryzen processors.

Recent data suggests that GPU supply might be stabilizing and prices falling

Contemporary cryptocurrency mining has seen both AMD and Nvidia's midrange graphics card pricing reach ridiculous heights in recent months. Nvidia has also spoken out against this new trend.

Origin PC’s latest notebook packs Intel’s Core i7-8750H CPU, Nvidia Max-Q GPU

Origin PC introduced two new laptops: the EVO15-S and the NT-15. Both rely on Intel's recently revealed Core i7-8750H CPU and Nvidia "Max-Q" GPUs. The company is also introducing a Matte Display screen with a 144Hz refresh rate.

How Nvidia is helping autonomous cars simulate their way to safety

To be competent, autonomous vehicles need to drive 100 billion miles, a feat that’s unfeasible. Instead, the industry is turning to simulation to train, test and validate self-driving cars using better graphics-generated models.

Nvidia CEO: cryptocurrency mining “is not our business”

At GTC this week, NVIDIA focuses its GPU development for AI, machine learning, workstations and gaming, downplaying the importance of cryptocurrency mining. However, the CEO did make some interesting statements on the Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Nvidia’s next gaming cards could be the GTX 11 Series, pack GDDR6 memory

The latest rumor surrounding Nvidia's upcoming graphics cards for gamers is that they will be the GTX 11 Series, not the GTX 20 Series. The cards will also supposedly rely on 8GB and 16GB of GDDR6 memory supplied by SK Hynix.

When diagnosis time means life or death, NVIDIA’s advanced AI can save lives

When time matters, is AI better at saving lives than a human doctor? Advanced modeling based on deep machine learning shows that artificial intelligence can recognize the conditions of sepsis hours before a doctor can identify the problem.

Nvidia’s GTC keynote was big on business, but ignored gamers and miners

Nvidia has grown into far more than a graphics card company. At Nvidia's keynote at GTC, there wasn't even a mention of the GPU crisis, leaving gamers and cryptocurrency miners in the dark as to when Nvidia will fix the issue.

Nvidia hits the brakes on public autonomous tests after fatal Uber crash

Nvidia put a halt on testing autonomous vehicle technology on public roads after Uber's deadly incident in Arizona. For now, the company will likely rely on simulations and private lots as it investigates the Uber crash.

Nvidia shows off the world’s largest GPU at its GTC conference

Nvidia's Graphics Technology Conference keynote just wrapped, and the two-hour-plus talk covered a lot of really interesting topics -- if you are a graphical engineer, data scientist, or autonomous vehicle enthusiast.