RIAA says YouTube isn’t willing to make a ‘real negotiation’ for higher music royalties

Major labels are set to renegotiate contracts with YouTube this year, and many important industry voices hope they get a better deal. But RIAA head Frances Moore says the streaming juggernaut isn't playing fair in the negotiation process.

Vinyl made more money than every free on-demand streaming service in 2015

Vinyl sales generated more money for the music industry in 2015 than Spotify, YouTube, and all other unpaid on-demand streaming services combined, according to the latest dismal report from the RIAA.

RIAA reports streaming music sales finally beat downloads, no thanks to free loaders

The RIAA has released its 2015 numbers, confirming that revenue from streaming services has finally surpassed that of digital downloads, but ad-supported streaming services didn't contribute much to those numbers.

RIAA starts counting streams towards album certifications, 17 albums go gold or platinum

The music industry has accepted that it can't ignore streaming. RIAA has announced a new methodology for album certifications that accounts for on-demand streaming. Artists like Kendrick Lamar got album awards as a result.

Thriller goes triple diamond, becomes first record to sell 30M copies stateside

Michael Jackson's seminal 1980s album Thriller continues its reign as the best selling album of all time in the United States, has been officially certified three times diamond, after 30 million sold.

The Grooveshark saga comes to a close as RIAA wins lawsuit against clone operator

It seems that the story of Grooveshark is finally coming to the end, as the RIAA has won a $17 million lawsuit against a clone of the music streaming site.

Music industry sues so-called Popcorn Time for music, Aurous, days after launch

The Recording Industry of American has sued music streamer Aurous for willful and egregious copyright violation. Its founders argue that its content sources are, indeed, legal – and it looks like it won't go down without a fight.

Streaming services generated a third of all music revenue in first half of 2015

Music streamers contributed over $1 billion in revenue to the music industry in 2015's first half. Vinyl isn’t exploding on the same magnitude, but revenue from retro format accounted for almost half of CD sales' revenue in 2015's first…
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Why the end of New Music Tuesday signals the true death of the CD

With CD shipments declining by tens of millions each year, the format could become obsolete in the music industry by 2020. The shift to New Music Fridays will further push the listening experience toward the Web and social media.

Queen of the single: Rihanna is the first artist to pass 100M sold and streamed

Pop superstar Rihanna is the first artist to cross 100 million singles downloaded and streamed. The honor is the result of 37 separate singles during her career, including We Found Love, Stay and Only Girl (In the World).

Grooveshark is back, and just as illegal as ever (Update)

Grooveshark is back, for now, in stripped-down form just days after court-ordered shutdowns. A person nicknamed Shark purports to have backed up 90 percent of the site's content and uploaded it to a new site.

RIAA points to a ‘staggering transformation’ as streaming services finally eclipse CD sales

The RIAA's revenue report for 2014 shows a continued slip in CD sales and digital downloads, while the rise of streaming services is helping to keep the industry afloat.