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Who picks the best songs? We test Pandora, Spotify, Beats Music, Rdio, and iTunes Radio

Algorithm-based music services are a dime a dozen - and so are the explanations behind their tech. But how do these players really line up? What sort of music do they discover? We're breaking through the code-speak to explore the songs…
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WTF, Internet? Online dating now needs its own red-light district

WTF, Internet? This week's Web indiscretion comes courtesy of a horrible new trend in dating apps, in which we follow our most basic human instincts, and are way, way worse for it.
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Make your Web a better place: Rather replaces social media posts you hate with ones you’ll love

If you're tired of people ruining Facebook and Twitter for you, this browser extension will silence annoying posts forever (and replace them with cat pics).
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Everything you need to know about Mobli, the Instagram competitor with deep pockets

Does the world really need another Instagram competitor? Super-billionaire Carlos Slim thinks it does. Here's what you need to know about the Instagram challenger.
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Notegraphy brings text back into our visual social apps – and does it beautifully

New app Notegraphy wants to bridge the gap between Instagram photos and status updates using artfully decorated words.
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The story of the ultimate Hallow-meme costume you never knew about – and can never have

Wondering what Internet meme or trope to be for Halloween? Here's one fantastic option - and if history had gone just a little differently, you could go buy it. But alas, this costume will have to live on in our hearts.
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Are humans going to lose the war for the social Web to spam?

Will bots and spammers take over our social networks? That's the possibility we're facing as a huge increase in spammy content is revealed. Luckily, new technology is trying to curb exactly this and put the human back into social…
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Tumblr makes its first appearance in the Supreme Court

In an important case about campaign finance, anti-corruption activist Lawrence Lessig is using Tumblr to make a point - and it could help alter U.S. politics and campaign finance reform.
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WTF, Internet? Babies don’t need to define their ‘brand’ on Twitter

WTF, Internet? This week's Web indiscretion comes courtesy of monster parents who are giving their babies Twitter handles. Come on, everyone. Just have a tiny bit more respect for the human race.
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Sub-Spotifying is the latest way to let technology passive aggressively flirt for you

Why sign up for an online dating service when you can sub-Spotify? This new trend allows you to passive-aggressively declare your crush-dom for someone else in a totally subtle way - just like you might with your Netflix queue.
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Instagram proves we are big time fatties

Think that finer dining establishments would be winning over Instagram? You'd be wrong. Turns out we love our chains and fast food dining options, and Instagram is helping us paint a picture of it.
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One photographer’s mission to friend request her Facebook contacts in real life

Are you actually friends with all hundred-some of your Facebook connections? This woman wants to be, and is documenting her journey to turning Internet acquaintances into people she actually knows.