Go hands-free in Windows 10 with speech-to-text support

Looking for the dictation, speech-to-text, and voice control options in Windows 10? Here's how to set up Speech Recognition in Windows 10 and use it to go hands-free in a variety of different tasks and applications within Windows.
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Pink Trombone is a DIY mouth you can manipulate to form sounds

This intriguing web app, created by a researcher at the Institute of Mathematics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, shows how mouths are manipulated to form the different sounds that they make.
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Newly developed AI system can write political speeches better than most politicians

According to researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, an artificial intelligence algorithm may soon be feeding our leaders their lines, and these systems may even tailor their approach based on party affiliation.
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Meet NOC, the dead Beluga whale that sounds like yodeler who swallowed a kazoo

A recent study uncovered that a beluga whale had the ability to mimic the sound of human speech -- but it might not be what you're expecting to hear.

Stephen Hawking is looking to hire a computer savvy technical assistant

Stephen Hawking is hiring an assistant and needs someone who knows both electronics and computers to be his new Alfred.

New battery may allow users to recharge cell phones just by talking

Researchers have successfully created a prototype battery that can turn sound waves into electricity, a technology that could one day recharge everything from cell phones to electric cars.

Computers will soon make us irrelevant, Wozniak warns MSU graduates

Speaking to Michigan State University graduates yesterday, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak warned graduates that computers are winning. Soon we will be irrelevant.

Wikipedia founder says app stores are a threat to the Net, site celebrates 10 years

In a speech celebrating the 10th anniversary of Wikipedia, Founder Jimmy Wales expressed concern over the rise of App Stores, claiming they could harm the freedom of the Web.

Nintendo chief Satoru Iwata to keynote Game Developer’s Conference

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, a one-time game developer, has been chosen to keynote the GDC 2011 conference in March.

New IBM Speech Tech Aims to Be Superhuman

IBM has taken the wraps of new speech recognition technologies which can offer on-the-fly translation, create subtitles, and comprehend nuances of spoken English commands.

Microsoft Speech Technologies gains speed

Microsoft today announced new features and functionalities in the most recent beta versions of Microsoft Speech Server and the Microsoft Speech Application Software Development Kit.

Nokia wins speech coding proposal

Nokie announced its latest contribution to CDMA technology as its proposal for standardizing a CDMA2000 wideband speech codec was selected by the 3GPP2.