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When you think of great watches, you inevitably think of Switzerland, and that’s also the location for the world’s biggest annual watch show — Baselworld. From million-dollar one-offs to the latest smartwatches, we’re here to bring you the most exciting new releases, straight from the show floor.

garmin marq review expidition 5

Garmin Marq hands-on review

Garmin’s celebrating its 30th anniversary in style with the launch of its Marq range of luxury “tool watches,” which have special features that will appeal to adventurers, sailors, pilots, racing drivers, and the very sporty. You’ll have to splash out, but the high quality and laser focused feature list may tempt you.
Casio Mudmaster review

Carbon fiber is making Casio’s new connected G-Shock watches even tougher

grand seiko spring drive torque return system technology caliber r902 feat

This $76,000 Grand Seiko watch has something in common with a plug-in hybrid car

Tag Heuer Connected Modular 4G Golf Edition

Tag Heuer’s Golf Edition smartwatch is a lot more than just a flash of new color

mwandco asset watch dampers lugs

Like a car, this watch has dampers on the strap to make it more comfortable

new gold finish makes frederique constants hybrid smartwatch flashier than ever constant yellow

New gold finish makes Frederique Constant’s hybrid smartwatch flashier than ever

alpina alpinerx 2019 colors news brown leather wrist

Alpina makes its AlpinerX smartwatch even more attractive with new colors

Tacs Nato-Lens review

The Tacs Nato-Lens is a watch for those who live life through a camera lens

diesel on full guard denim straps news 25 2

Diesel’s denim-inspired smartwatch straps are a casual, colorful must-own

fossil bmw smartwatch news m sport 1

Fossil is working on a smartwatch with BMW, and it’s coming next year

Fossil Retrospective

Fossil made a smartwatch in 2004, and it’s part of a new brand retrospective

Casio GPW-B1000 Rangeman

Casio GPR-B1000 Rangeman hands-on review

A.B. Art Touch X Review

A.B. Art Touch X hands-on review

Attracted by minimalist watches, but want to have some connected features too? The A.B. Art Touch X may fit the bill, with its understated design and hybrid smartwatch capabilities. We’ve worn it, and this is what it’s like.
Mühle S.A.R. Rescue Timer

Mühle’s glowing S.A.R. Rescue Timer keeps time for search and rescue teams

Shining brightly on the Baselworld 2018 show floor, the Mühle S.A.R. Rescue Timer isn’t a smartwatch, but that doesn’t mean it’s not technically impressive. It has to be, because members of the German Maritime Search and Rescue Services have worn it for more than 15 years.
Smart Baraka review

Smart Baraka hands-on review

You want to wear a fitness tracker, but not one that only looks good with gym-wear? This is the Smart Baraka, made by Italian men’s jewelry-maker Baraka, which will look equally at home in the office as it will in the gym.
Mondaine Smart Helvetica review

Mondaine Smart Helvetica hands-on review

Swiss watch maker Mondaine is ready to release a new smartwatch, the beautiful Helvetica Smart. The classy style hides sensible smart features, backed up by a strong app, making a very desirable overall package. We out it on, and didn’t want to take it off.
sequent supercharger review hands on 13

Sequent Supercharger hands-on review

Forget charging and forget replacing batteries, because the Sequent Supercharger hybrid smartwatch uses a true automatic movement to power its extensive smart features, including GPS and a heart rate sensor. It’s a revolution, and we’ve tried it out.
Hublot Big Bang Referee review

Hublot Big Bang Referee hands-on review

Hublot’s first smartwatch is the Big Bang Referee, a tie-up with FIFA, and is as ostentatious and expensive as you’d expect from the famous brand. We’ve got up close with one of the first examples.

Kronaby refreshes its smartwatch for the new season, teases contactless payments

Swedish smartwatch brand has refreshed its range for the new season, introducing a new case size, new colors, and a new dual subdial version of the sporty Apex. It's also introducing wireless payments in the near future.
larsson and jennings connect

The Larsson & Jennings Connect is an amazingly thin hybrid smartwatch

Larsson & Jennings has brought its expertise in creating wonderfully minimalist dress watches to the world of hybrids with the Connect, its first hybrid smartwatch. Presented for the first time at Baselworld 2018, we got to try it on.
Skagen Holst

Skagen’s new smartwatch is made of titanium, and it’s lighter than air

Skagen, the Danish watch brand known for its beautiful minimalist designs, has a smartwatch made of titanium coming in the near future. We've worn it, and are pleased to say it's one of the lightest smartwatches we've ever put on.
hublot world cup connected watch

Hublot’s luxury Wear OS smartwatch will give soccer fans World Cup updates

Hublot has launched the first smartwatch running Wear OS -- and it's a $5,200 watch that will give you constant updates about the upcoming soccer World Cup in Russia.

Michael Kors adds new color options to its Access smartwatch collection

Last year, luxury watch brand Michael Kors launched its Access Sofie and the Access Grayson smartwatches. As part of its Spring 2018 collection, both models are officially available in new colors. 
Misfit Vapor

The Misfit Vapor smartwatch will finally be available on October 31

Misfit's first smartwatch is called the Misfit Vapor. For $200, you get an Android Wear smartwatch that is water resistant.
Fossil Smartwatches at CES

Fossil Q Venture, Q Explorist smartwatches now available for pre-order

Fossil announced a slate of new smartwatches at the Baselworld conference. The Q Venture, and Q Explorist are now available for pre-order.
watch industry needs change baselworld guard 7

Look, but don’t touch? The watch industry’s old guard needs to smarten up, and soon

The message from many brands at Baselworld is to look, but not to touch. This is hampering the growth of smartwatches.
baselworld 2017 news kronaby connected watch nord 1

Baselworld was bursting with extravagant smartwatches, but these were the best

Baselworld 2017 introduced a flurry of new smartwatches and wearables -- here's everything we saw at the show.
Veldt Luxture

Veldt Luxture: Our first take

The Veldt Luxture, a hybrid smartwatch, may change everything we hate about fitness trackers with its innovative Life Rhythm feature.
chronovision watch winder safe news img 4752

This $36,000 safe is what Bruce Wayne would use for his watch collection

If you're lucky enough to have a large, valuable watch collection, you need this Bluetooth-connected safe to keep in good working order.
tag heuer conected modular 45 first impressions review connected thumbnail

Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45: Our first take

Tag Heuer's luxury world of Swiss watches and the high-tech smarts of Intel have come together in the new Connected Modular 45 smartwatch.
movado baselworld 2017 connect news ip 1300x600 resized

Movado’s Connect smartwatches start at $495, ship with Android Wear 2.0

Movado announced it will unveil a slew of Android Wear smartwatches at Baselworld 2017. These devices won't launch until the fall.
kronaby hybrid smartwatch first impressions review kronabyhybridsmartwatch 65

Kronaby Hybrid smartwatch: Our first take

The world of hybrid smartwatches is getting bigger, and we've been trying on newcomer Kronaby's extensive, classy range of models.
guess connect touch smartwatch first impressions 46

If you need a wardrobe of watches, the Guess Connect Touch is for you

Guess has experience in the world of smart wearables, and has finally launched its first full smartwatch, the Guess Connect Touch.
samsung gear s3 pocket watch news 41 2

Samsung’s latest Gear S3 concept would put a smart pocket watch in your waistcoat

For a special edition Gear S3 smartwatch, Samsung looked back several centuries for inspiration, and came up with the Gear S3 Pocket Watch.