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A render of virtual currency.

Want to hide your Pornhub browsing? Use digital currency to make payments

Adult-oriented site Pornhub is now accepting cryptocurrency as payment for all products, including its monthly subscription service for premium content. More specifically, the site now accepts Verge Currency, a cryptocurrency that relies on TOR and I2P technologies to hide your transactions.
what are smart contracts smartcontract01

What are smart contracts?

What are smart contracts? They're like traditional contracts, but instead of being backed by lawyers at either end, they're backed by computing algorithms and they could change the way many industries operate.
future of blockchain in gaming spells genesis satoshi art feat

From gold to greatswords, blockchain lets gamers truly own their loot

blockchain could be implemented in electoral voting by 2019 floridians go to the polls for early

Blockchain may power future elections, but it’s no silver bullet for fraud

It seems likely that blockchain technology will be introduced to voting systems in the US in the next couple of years. Here’s what it will look like.
how the blockchain could change healthcare and save lives medical records getty

The tech behind cryptocurrency could save lives by fixing medical records

There’s a research group at MIT aiming to bring order to the chaotic world of medical records, with a little help from the blockchain.
A technician inspects the backside of bitcoin mining at Bitfarms in Saint Hyacinthe.

Before crypto nirvana, blockchain needs to solve these basic problems

Blockchain technology is far from perfect. We interviewed some of the world's premier developers to talk about the blockchain problems we face today.
estonia e residency card

From the doctor to the DMV, blockchain can make governments swift and secure

With a growing interest in blockchain technology, could governments be one of the best use cases for the distributed ledger system of data protection?
beyond bitcoin how blockchain will reshape the future feature

Beyond Bitcoin: How blockchain will reshape the future

Don’t be fooled by the hype – blockchain isn’t a passing fad that’ll fade out in a year or two. It truly has the potential to reshape the world we live in
microsoft intel coco framework the blockchain

City of Austin is hoping the blockchain can help protect the homeless

Austin is seeking to use the tech behind Bitcoin to help solve some of the issues that its homeless population faces.
A render of virtual currency.

Another initial coin offering ‘exit scam’ steals $660M from Vietnam’s investors

Reports stemming from Vietnam claim that a company developing two cryptocurrency platforms raised $660.79 million in initial coin offerings and disappeared with the money. The company initially paid commissions to investors with cash, but then reverted to tokens that couldn't be withdrawn for money.

Yahoo Japan invests in a cryptocurrency exchange platform launching this fall

Yahoo Japan and BitARG Exchange Tokyo both confirmed on Friday a 40-percent investment in an upcoming Bitcoin exchange platform launching this fall. Yahoo Japan will supposedly make additional investments in the beginning of 2019 to launch a full-blown product by April 2019.
Graphics cards in a crypto mining farm.

Cryptojacking is the new ransomware. Is that a good thing?

Malicious cryptominers and cryptojacking is a hot new malware trend that's been sweeping websites and victim systems for many months now. They've become so prevalent that ransomware is far less of a concern to consumers and businesses, but does that mean the new kid on the block is here to stay?
online Bitcoin courses

Ransomware shifts focus from holding passwords hostage to hijacking your PC

A malicious site reportedly designed to extort by demanding cryptocurrency payment in exchange for not leaking a user's password has quickly shifted course. Now, the site will instead hijack a user's computer power to mine for cryptocurrency in the background.
bitcoin in hand

You may need to pay extra if you want to buy a home with Bitcoin

One NYC townhouse is listed for $30 million, but if you'd rather use Bitcoin to seal the deal, you'll need to shell out the equivalent of $45 million. The seller says that the 50 percent premium is set to cover market volatility with cryptocurrency exchanges, so it's still cheaper to pay with cash.
how to mine 1000000 of bitcoin on a laptop computer 2

Coinbase may register with SEC as brokerage firm

Coinbase, one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges, is reportedly considering registering with the SEC as a brokerage firm.
new cryptocurrency royal wedding gettyimages 936877682

In proper 2018 fashion, the royal wedding now has its very own cryptocurrency

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get married, they’re being gifted a new cryptocurrency, called the Royal Coin.
bitcoin stock

Indian central bank looks to block Bitcoin, while creating its own cryptocurrency

The Indian banking authority, RBI, is going to cease offering banking services to anyone involved in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.
gamers should mine cryptocurrency easycryptohunterrig01

Bitmain’s $800 Ethereum ASIC miner could help bring GPU prices down

Bitmain's new $800 Ethereum ASIC Miner, the Antminer E3, could have a big impact on soaring GPU prices when it launches in July.
Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder live

Now Bitcoin millionaires are buying Lamborghinis

For some Bitcoin millionaires, a Lamborghini is more than just a status symbol. It can provide am means to validate their investments.
8 things 2018 kids wont experience commonplace driving feat

8 things kids born in 2018 will never experience, thanks to technology

Here are our predictions for eight things that the class of 2036 (that’s today’s kids at 18) won’t experience.
bitcoin mining on laptops edit take 3 00 01 25 22 still009

How to mine $1 million in Bitcoin on an $800 laptop

Just about any device capable of banging a few numbers together can contribute to a cryptocurrency mining pool, but how long would it take to mine a million dollars worth of bitcoin using just your laptop?
Nvidia Quadro GV100

Nvidia CEO: cryptocurrency mining “is not our business”

NVIDIA’s GPU is the single largest distributed supercomputer in the world, which is why it’s so popular with the Ethereum blockchain.
Nvidia DGX 2

Nvidia’s GTC keynote was big on business, but ignored gamers and miners

Both gamers and miners have been anxiously awaiting Nvidia's announcement of the next generation of GPUs. But at the company's keynote at GTC today, they chose to ignore the situation entirely.
best bitcoin miner bitmainrig01

Best Bitcoin miners

Mining Bitcoin needs cheap electricity, good cooling, and a decent wad of up-front cash. If you have all of that though, you need to know where to spend it. You need the best Bitcoin miner.
microsoft intel coco framework the blockchain

Google is working on blockchain technology for the cloud

Google is currently working on a new adaption of blockchain technology for its line of cloud services, though it isn't making any announcements just yet.

Hackers seize Atlanta’s network system, demand $51,000 in Bitcoin as ransom

On Thursday, Atlanta discovered that hackers infiltrated its network and seized data using ransomware, demanding $51,000 in Bitcoins.
Matt Sorum

Guns N’ Roses alum Matt Sorum rocks beyond blockchain to fight labels, YouTube

Former Guns N' Roses drummer Matt Sorum spoke with Digital Trends about his upcoming, salacious autobiography, as well as Artbit, the crypto platform he's behind.
tech predictions for 2016 the blockchain

Bitcoin’s blockchain contains links to child pornography, possible illegal image

Researchers recently downloaded the Bitcoin blockchain to analyze its non-financial data and uncovered links to child pornography and an image.
Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro

First U.S. cryptocurrency ban outlaws Venezuela’s ‘Petro’ coin

The U.S. executive branch has issued an executive order prohibiting the use or purchase of Venezuela's Petro cryptocurrency.

Twitter joins Facebook and Google in banning cryptocurrency advertising

Twitter is joining Facebook and Google in banning cryptocurrency advertising, specifically disallowing ads for initial coin offerings (ICOs), cryptocurrency wallets, and token sales.

Federal Trade Commission brings the hammer down on crypto ponzi schemes

The FTC has filed a complaint against a three defendants who were allegedly involved in a ponzi scheme making use of cryptocurrency
A render of virtual currency.

Power-gulping cryptocurrency miners now charged higher fees in New York

The New York State Public Service Commission is now allowing power companies to charge higher rates to cryptocurrency miners.
insecure cryptojacking is set to become the new malware epidemic cryptocurrency unsplash1

Who owns all the Bitcoin? A few billionaire whales in a small pond

Billions of dollars have been invested into Bitcoin, but who owns the most? It turns out the majority of the world's Bitcoin, and altcoins, are stored in just a few thousand wallets.
Graphics cards in a crypto mining farm.

A New York city becomes first in the U.S. to temporarily ban Bitcoin mining

The Plattsburgh, New York city council voted unanimously to introduce an 18-month ban on commercial bitcoin mining operations within the city.