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interview cryptocurrency investor ian balina ianbalina

Cryptocurrency investor Ian Balina sees a comeback for cryptocurrency in 2019

Today on Digital Trends Live, we chatted with cryptocurrency investor Ian Balina about what the future holds for cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. He also gave a quick recap of what happened in 2018, as well as a few pointers on what to look for when thinking about investing our own money.
insecure cryptojacking is set to become the new malware epidemic cryptocurrency unsplash2

415,000 routers worldwide reportedly infected with cryptojacking malware

A cryptojacking malware that was initially discovered affecting more than 200,000 routers in Brazil now has grown to infect more than 415,000 routers worldwide. The malware's goal is to steal resources from computers to mine cryptocurrency in a scheme known as cryptojacking. Fortunately there is a fix.
Sirin Labs Finney Crypto Phone

Sirin Labs’ Finney is no token effort — it’s a full-fledged crypto-phone

The Sirin Labs Finney phone is unusual. Rather than being about the camera or a bezel-less design, it's all about cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain, and that makes it about as cutting-edge as tech gets. The $1,000 phone is for the cryptocurrency crowd at the moment, but that may change in the future.

DT Daily: PlayStation 5 rumors, Kroger food robots, and the future of A.I.

From trending topics like a possible PlayStation 5 release date, to a new type of AI from Microsoft that looks straight out a science fiction movie, a lot happened today on DT Daily. We also sat down with the CEO of Blockchain Development Co. Eric Lamison-White to discuss his Stablecoin patent.
stablecoin int dt live poster for 5969577049001

Digital Trends Live: Stablecoin expert discusses all things cryptocurrency

Today on Digital Trends Live, we talked with the CEO of Pareto Network, Eric Lamison-White. His company is a market-insight platform that is focused on cryptocurrency. We discussed Stablecoin, which is a way to protect your cryptocurrency, as well as what the future holds for Bitcoin.
hublot big bang meca 10 p2p bitcoin news

Hublot’s newest luxury watch costs $25,000, and you can only pay in Bitcoin

The Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 P2P is the latest luxury timepiece from the watch brand, and is a special limited edition made to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin. Eager buyers must use the cryptocurrency to buy one, and they'll need substantial virtual wallets to afford the $25,000 price tag.
russia hotel wi fi hack hacking hacker lifestyle pc keyboard

Nearly 700,000 websites are hacked in bid to steal cryptocurrency

Popular web analytics platform Statcounter experienced a breach on November 3, according to research from malware researcher Matthieu Faou. Up to 700,000 websites were targetted in the breach which primarily aimed to steal cryptocurrency through a malicious Javascript script on websites running Statcounter code. 
google ads cryptocurrency malware hong kong lifestyle bitcoin

10 years of Bitcoin: How a geeky cryptocurrency changed the world

From its birth 10 years ago, Bitcoin has grown from fledgling cryptocurrency proof-of-concept into a real world cash alternative that's taken seriously by everyone from technologists to governments. How did it get to that point? Check out our handy potted history to find out.

If we want to slow down climate change, we should change how we mine Bitcoin

Bitcoin mining isn't good for climate change. According to a new study coming out of the University of Hawaii Manoa, provided that Bitcoin continues its current trajectory it could produce enough emissions to raise global temperatures by 2 degrees Celsius as soon as 2033.
what is a blockchain phone we asked an expert blockchainphone feature 1

What’s the point of a blockchain phone? We asked an expert

We cut through the hype and look at the reasons behind the current wave of blockchain phones, what they can do, and what they might be do in the future. You’ll find out what exactly what a blockchain phone is, how it can handle crypto assets, and who might want to buy one.
ripple cryptocurrency banking news ripplexrp02

Ripple cryptocurrency jumps 70 percent in 24 hours after news of bank deal

A tease that the Ripple (XRP) cryptocurrency might soon be adopted by a number of banks to speed up and ease international money transfers has sent its value skyrocketing. In 24 hours, it reached its highest value in 2018, jumping more than 70 percent in some cases and XRP trades even top Bitcoin in the past 24 hours.
morocco wind farm blockchain soluna image 4

Giant wind farm in Morocco will help mine cryptocurrency, conserve energy

One of the windiest parts of Morocco is set to get a $2 billion, 900MW wind farm power plant, which could help power eco-friendly cryptocurrency mining in a more environmentally friendly way. Here's what is being planned -- and why this is an important step for the future.
hacks header

A vigilante botnet is taking out crypto-jacking malware

A new botnet with links to the Satori botnet has been spotted in the wild by security researchers. Known as Fbot, it doesn't look to spread malware though. It destroys it. It searches websites for a particular piece of crypto-jacking malware, takes it over, and then destroys it, deleting itself in the process.
walmart 1 bitcoin chocolate frankfordbitcoin

Those $1 Bitcoins at Walmart have one big catch — they’re made of chocolate

Walmart's new Bitcoin chocolate coins are priced at just $1 a pack, giving cryptocurrency investors the chance to hold something real in their hands for the first time. Better yet, if they ever get tired of 'holding' their investment, they can always just tear off the faux-gold wrapper and eat them.
tech predictions for 2016 the blockchain

Cat got your wallet? CryptoKitties virtual feline fetches $170K in crypto cash

If you thought you paid a lot for in-app purchases to enjoy your latest mobile game, think again. A CryptoKitty named Dragon was recently sold on Etherum-based CryptoKitties, a game that's based on blockchain, for the equivalent of $170,000. In case you were wondering, that's a record.
government monero

The browser-based Monero miner Coinhive generates around $250,000 each month

A report reveals that despite a dramatic fall in cryptocurrency mining, the Coinhive JavaScript-based miner is still highly active, generating around $250,000 worth of digital Monero coins each month. Coinhive also contributes 1.18 percent of the total mining power behind the Monero blockchain.
insecure cryptojacking is set to become the new malware epidemic cryptocurrency unsplash2

Researchers hack John McAfee’s ‘unhackable’ Bitfi cryptocurrency wallet

John McAffee had teamed up to promote the security of Bitfi's cryptocurrency wallet by inviting hackers to attempt to break in with a bug bounty reward. It seems that researchers took the bait, and McAffee's Bitfi wallet can now be deemed successfully hacked.
Guide to the eSIM

Police bust a massive interstate SIM card hijacking ring

Law enforcement agents in Flordia and other states have joined to break up an interstate cybercrime ring that used hijacked SIM cards to steal cryptocurrencies and cash from victims. The group's biggest score came in May of this year when members worked together to steal 57 Bitcoins from a single victim.
john mcafee prioritizing privacy mcafee16

Hacker plays ‘Doom’ on John McAfee’s ‘unhackable’ BitFi Bitcoin wallet

A hacker has managed to get Doom running on John McAfee's allegedly unhackable Bitcoin wallet by rooting the device. Although that didn't qualify him for the $250,000 award for stealing the coins from the wallet's storage, it does suggest that hackers aren't far from completing that supposedly impossible feat.
Large Bitcoin on a laptop keyboard

Valve bans Steam game that was installing cryptocurrency mining malware

A cheap Steam game called Abstractism appeared to be infecting users' computers with a program that mines cryptocurrency. Valve has since removed it from Steam and banned the developer for shipping unauthorized code and intentionally tricking players into buying fake in-game items.
The Blackmagic eGPU.

Photo FOMO: Fujifilm ramen, KodakCoin DOA, and Nikon’s secret sensor lab

In the latest photo industry news, Fujifilm has released a limited-run of Provia-branded instant noodles as a promotional stunt, Kodak's 'Kashminer' and KodaCoin cryptocurrency is DOA, and Imaging Resource takes a detailed look inside the 'super-secret' sensor development lab at Nikon.
congressman wants cryptocurrency banned in america brad sherman

Congressman says we should be banned from mining, using cryptocurrency

Congressman Brad Sherman believes the government should prohibit U.S. citizens from mining and using cryptocurrency. He made the statement Wednesday, adding that as a medium of exchange, cryptocurrencies accomplish nothing except facilitating narcotics trafficking, terrorism, and tax evasion.
Large Bitcoin on a laptop keyboard

Chinese authorities break up billion-dollar cryptocurrency gambling ring

Chinese law enforcement authorities have broken up a more than 1.5 billion-dollar gambling ring that made use of the dark web and cryptocurrencies to facilitate betting on the outcome of the World Cup.The action was part of a larger crackdown on illegal betting on the World Cup tournament.

Hackers allegedly used cryptocurrency in attack against Clinton campaign

An 11-count indictment filed against 12 Russian military intelligence officers reveals that the group allegedly used cryptocurrency to remain anonymous in a scheme against the Clinton campaign in 2016. They used these digital coins to pay for the website used to release stolen election-related documents.
Large Bitcoin on a laptop keyboard

Money-laundering ‘Bitcoin Maven’ receives one-year prison sentence

Theresa Tetley of Los Angeles, also known as the Bitcoin Maven, gets sentenced to one year in prison. The prison term is down from the 30 months that she faced for running an unlicensed money transmission business and, in at least one instance, exchanging Bitcoin for cash that came from illegal means.
Ethereum coins sitting on a desk.

What is Ethereum?

New cryptocurrencies are sprouting out of thin air all of the time, but only a few have had a lasting impact. Ethereum is one such cryptocurrency, despite only being a couple of years old. It's one of the most valuable and has enabled the creation of many others. What is Ethereum? It's one of the most exciting cryptocurrencies.
GTX 1070 Ti

Cryptocurrency may be why you still don’t have Nvidia GTX 11 Series graphics

Unnamed sources point to the current overabundance of add-in graphics cards as to why you’re not already seeing Nvidia’s new GeForce GTX 11 Series on store shelves. Nvidia reportedly has around one million chips ready for release but is holding back because there is simply no room for next-gen cards.
innovators inside a bitcoin mine digital trends

These are the largest Bitcoin mining farms in the world

With all the cryptocurrency hubbub in the world these days, it's not surprise that some giants in the money making market have appeared. Whether they assist others with mining, or do it themselves, here's some of the largest farms and pools in the world.
A Bitcoin over a digital background.

A look into Bitcoin’s troubled year

Last year, Bitcoin seemed nearly unstoppable, but things have changed and not for the better. The currency recently dropped to less than $6,000 which is a far cry from the lofty heights of last year or even earlier this year.
what is bitcoin

What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin? It's a question that many recent investors might struggle to answer effectively because cryptocurrencies are a whole world unto themselves. Getting your head around the basics is important if you want to know what you're getting into before buying buying into the latest crypto-craze.
classic recreations shelby gt500cr

Now you can buy a classic Ford Mustang with cryptocurrency

Classic Recreations, known for rebuilding and upgrading vintage Ford Mustangs, now accepts cryptocurrency as a form of payment. That means you can buy an 800-horsepower muscle car with Bitcoin. The company hopes this will help it expand its customer base internationally.
lawsuit orlando shooting facebook twitter

Facebook changes its cryptocurrency rules by easing its ad blocking policy

Facebook changed its mind about banning cryptocurrency-related ads from the social network. Starting June 26, the updated policy will allow advertisements that promote cryptocurrency and related content, but only from pre-approved advertisers. Ads for ICOs and binary options are still banned.
how mastercard is making real money more like bitcoin insecure 1

Why Mastercard is ripping a page from Bitcoin’s book

Mastercard wants to use the inherent security of blockchain to make money more intuitive and less hackable. Its new blockchain patents seeks to put an end to credit card skimmers. Regardless of what you think about cryptocurrency, the largest financial institutions are transforming real money to be more like it every day.
Large Bitcoin on a laptop keyboard

Was late 2017 cryptocurrency spike artificially inflated?

A new report stemming from the University of Texas at Austin claims that the big surge in cryptocurrency values during 2017 was artificially created using a digital currency called Tether. The report focuses on Bitfinex, one of the largest unregulated digital currency exchanges on the market.