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what is bitcoin mining

What is Bitcoin mining?

Mining is how people bring new Bitcoin into circulation. Here we explain the basics, including looking ahead to how these trends will play out in the future.
Elon Musk

Elon Musk says Bitcoin scammers impersonating him on Twitter are ‘not cool’

For more than a year, bots and trolls have used Twitter to scam cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, and used Elon Musk’s name to do it. Musk called out the scammers.
Facebook Libra

Another partner backs out of Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency

Yet another partner of Facebook’s proposed cryptocurrency known as Libra has backed out of the deal. The British telecommunications operator Vodafone announced its departure from Facebook’s Libra Association on Tuesday. In total, eight companies have now backed out of Libra. 
earn cryptocurrency in brave browser blocks google

Get paid in cryptocurrency for viewing ads in the new Brave browser

Brave Software officially launched Brave v1.0 on Wednesday. It’s based on Google’s Chromium browser and relies on Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) to generate revenue. Users can earn tokens by viewing ads and use those tokens to tip their favorite websites. 300,000 sites participate in the program.
HTC Exodus 1s

The affordable HTC Exodus 1s puts a full Bitcoin node in your pocket

The newly announced HTC Exodus 1s is a cheaper version of the Exodus 1 that's capable of putting a full Bitcoin node in your pocket. The device is a pretty basic Android smartphone, so the fact it has a built-in hardware wallet is the unique selling point. Owners can buy, sell, trade, lend, and more.
episode 154 facebook project libra particpants 1200x675

Facebook’s crypto dreams could be crushed as PayPal exits Libra Association

Facebook's chances of launching its own cryptocurrency, Libra, are growing ever slimmer. Visa and Mastercard are reportedly reconsidering involvement following regulatory scrutiny. Yesterday, PayPal put a nail in Libra's coffin by announcing it would no longer be participating in the Libra Association.
A broken Bitcoin over a grey background.

Bitcoin has a massive carbon footprint. This clever new cryptocurrency doesn’t

Bitcoin mining is bad for the environment. Researchers from Switzerland’s Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne believe they have come up with a new low-energy approach to current cryptocurrency approaches. Here's what their concept does differently -- and why it matters.
htc exodus news

The HTC Exodus smartphone: Here’s everything we know

HTC has released another smartphone, and this time it's geared toward blockchain technology. Known as the HTC Exodus, the smartphone is designed to support cryptocurrencies and decentralization of data. The phone has finally been released, and you can buy it in either real money or in Bitcoin.
xiaomi mi a2 pocket back

Xiaomi will offer personal loans in India, but it will cost you your privacy

China’s Xiaomi is all set to capitalize on its dominant position in India, the second-largest smartphone market, by offering loans to customers -- but there's a significant catch: The company will use private data from applicants' phones to determine whether they are eligible.
Facebook Libra

In SEC filing, Facebook admits Libra cryptocurrency may not happen after all

Facebook’s drive to create its own worldwide cryptocurrency might have hit a brick wall. In a new SEC filing, the company said that Libra’s planned 2020 launch might be delayed – or it might not ever happen at all – now that government regulators have expressed concerns.
bitcoin cryptocurrency 2019 broken mem 2

The IRS is cracking down on people who didn’t pay taxes on Bitcoin earnings

If you've been trading Bitcoin and haven't been reporting your earnings to the IRS, you might be getting a surprise in your mailbox. The IRS is cracking down on cryptocurrency traders who didn’t report their earnings on their taxes. Around 10,000 people are expected to get letters.
David Marcus appears before Senate Banking Committee

The U.S. Senate really doesn’t like Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency plans

Facebook Libra had its first big regulatory test on Tuesday when Calibra head David Marcus appeared before the Senate Banking Committee. It didn’t go well. Senators of both parties had major concerns about Facebook's proposed cryptocurrency. It’s looking increasingly likely that Libra might be delayed.
episode 154 facebook project libra particpants 1200x675

Facebook’s Libra could be dead on arrival, if India stands by its proposed ban

The government of India has announced that it is considering a ban on Facebook's new cryptocurrency, Libra. Without this key market, the success of the burgeoning cryptocurrency is in serious doubt. Will Libra end up being dead upon arrival?
episode 158 microsoft surface andromeda foldable device

Digital Trends Live: A dual-screen Surface, Amazon’s surveillance drones, more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, we take a look at the top trending tech stories of the day, including Microsoft’s reported dual-screen Surface, Amazon’s surveillance drones, Bitcoin makes a comeback, a flying taxi test over Oregon, pizza-making robots, another SpaceX rocket launch, and more.
The 5 weirdest cryptocurrencies

Forget Facebook: These are the 5 weirdest cryptocurrencies you can buy today

From the Tomagotchi-like blockchain game of breeding your own CryptoKitties to the cult-like following of the the playful Shiba Ina that grace Dogecoin, we've rounded up the top five weirdest, strangest, and most eccentric cryptocurrencies that you can have in your digital wallet.
congress facebook cryptocurrency libra regulation treasury secretary steven mnuchin testifies before the house financial serv

Congress already wants to block rollout of Facebook’s cryptocurrency

It only took a few hours after Facebook announced the details of its Libra cryptocurrency on Tuesday morning for lawmakers in Congress to tell the social media giant to pump the breaks. Rep. Maxine Waters asked Facebook to stop development until Congress could weigh in.
A broken Bitcoin over a grey background.

Facebook’s crypto isn’t a new Bitcoin, it’s Disney Dollars for a new world order

Facebook's new cryptocurrency ambitions might prove popular, but it won't pull in many existing cryptocurrency fans. The famously decentralized medium hasn't shown much love for more controlled alternatives, and Libra could be the latest attempt to legitimize the prototypically uncontrolled crypto space.
mastercard digital wellness program

Mastercard’s Digital Wellness program uses A.I. to make online paying safer

Mastercard has announced the new Mastercard Digital Wellness program -- with the goal of using artificial intelligence to make paying for things online a little easier. The new system makes use of "billions" of data points to authenticate users, enabling click-to-pay technology.
episode 138 falcon 9 b1049 starlink v0 prelaunch spacex take 3

Digital Trends Live: Starlink’s successful launch, Facebook’s Bitcoin rival

On Friday's episode of Digital Trends Live, we discuss the top tech stories of the day, including Space X’s successful launch of its Starlink satellites, Facebook’s plan to rival Bitcoin with its own cryptocurrency, the Senate passing a bill to curb robocalls, a Game of Thrones wrap-up, and more.
episode 127 maxresdefault

Digital Trends Live: Uber goes public, iPhone XR design leak, and robot butlers

On today’s Digital Trends Live, we discuss today’s trending tech topics, including: Uber goes public, $40 million in bitcoin stolen, the design for the iPhone XR leaks, Blue Origin updates, robot butlers, and using the human ear as a “USB hub” for hearable devices
Large Bitcoin on a laptop keyboard

Hackers demanding bitcoin payments for code held hostage from GitHub and GitLab

Hackers extracted all the source code from certain GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket repositories, leaving behind a ransom note demanding bitcoin. It remains unclear how the hackers were able to access the accounts, but an investigation suggested that credentials were compromised from third-party exposures.
civic pay vending machine sxsw activation150

Age-verification tech could usher in vending machines for beer and weed

Ever dreamed about being able to get an ice cold beer from a conveniently placed vending machine? One of the problems with this idea is how customers prove that they're of drinking age. San Francisco-based startup Civic thinks that it's come up with the perfect solution.
honor 10 review huawei photo sample trees

This streaming music service pays artists in Bitcoin, plants trees if you listen

Feedbands is an environmentally friendly subscription streaming music service that pays artists in Bitcoin, and plants trees in exchange for authenticated listens from customers. Here's what you need to know about this planet-saving quintessentially millennial sales pitch.
bitcoin stock

Bitcoin mining profits are on the rise. But don’t buy your own hardware just yet

Gross margins for Bitcoin miners are on the rise again after a year of continual downfalls. While this doesn't guarantee it will remain profitable forever, it seems as if the downturn may have been reversed for now, while trades in the cryptocurrency continue to grow from month to month.
Sirin Labs Finney

Sirin Labs Finney review

The Sirin Labs Finney phone is to cryptocurrency what the iPhone is to Apple Pay. It facilitates the payment, processing, and exchanging of cryptocurrencies on a smartphone, and surprisingly does it in a user-friendly way. However, does that mean you should rush out and buy one? We’ve tried the phone out.
insecure cryptojacking is set to become the new malware epidemic cryptocurrency unsplash1

Think crypto’s dead? JPMorgan to offer first cryptocurrency backed by a U.S. bank

J.P. Morgan Chase is rolling out a trial in the next few months of the first cryptocurrency backed by a large United States bank. Dubbed JPM Coin, the cryptocurrency will be used by big business across the world to "instantly settle payments between clients," according to a report from CNBC.
stock photo of bitcoins and U.S. dollar bills

Crypto exchange founder dies with sole password, leaving $190 million locked up

A missing password and a crypto exchange founder's death has left the exchange’s unable to repay the $190 million it owes its clients. To avoid bankruptcy QuadrigaCX has recently filed for “creditor protection.” Clients of the crypto exchange have been unable to withdraw their funds for months.
digital trends live 1 22 19 2 poster for 5992465685001

Digital Trends Live: Oscar nominations, the future of blockchain, and more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, we discussed Oscar nominations for the Netflix film Roma and the latest Spotify features. We were also joined by journalist Rachel Wolfson to talk about the future of cryptocurrency and how the technology is poised to go mainstream.
coinstar machines bitcoin cash machine

Coinstar machines will let you swap cash for Bitcoin at your local grocery store

Coinstar, the company which owns the cash exchange machines found at grocery stores and elsewhere, will soon let you easily buy Bitcoin with your money. Here's what the company recently announced -- and why this is potentially big news for the 10-year-old cryptocurrency.
A broken Bitcoin over a grey background.

Are Bitcoins the new Beanie Babies, or is there hope in 2019?

Bitcoin skyrocketed in value from less than a penny in 2010 to nearly $20,000 in late 2017. Then it spent 2018 in a freefall crash. So, what happened? Is it dead? Can Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies survive in 2019? Government backing may be the key to their resurgence.
Bitcoin Mine

The first Bitcoin was born 10 years ago today. How far we’ve come

The Bitcoin genesis block was mined 10 years ago today, bringing the first 50 Bitcoins into existence. Since then more than 17 million more have been mined and the hardware used to create new tokens is thousands of times more capable. It's also having a dangerous environmental impact.
heatmine cryptomining heaters heater 6473a

Canada’s winters inspired a startup to warm homes with cryptomining heat waste

Consuming massive amounts of electricity and generating tons of waste heat has become the price we’re paying to use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It’s a problem that gets worse at scale. But Quebec-based Heatmine thinks there may be a way to replace existing hot water heating systems with mining rigs, solving two problems at once.
razer crypto mining softminer silver razersoftminer01

Mining cryptocurrency for Razer Silver isn’t worth your computing power

Razer has launched its own cryptocurrency mining scheme, but instead of offering hardware to mine with, it's paying those who use its mining software with Razer Silver, which can be traded for hardware and loot crate codes. The trade-off is unlikely to be worth it, so consider carefully before joining.
cryptocurrency wallet for kids lifestyle5

This cryptocurrency wallet for kids isn’t nearly as stupid as it sounds

So you’ve taught your 6-year-old child to read, write, and play nice with others. What’s next? Give them a basic understanding of how cryptocurrencies function, of course. Called Pigzbe, this Kickstarter smart wallet for youngsters aims to help. Here's how it all works.