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A character stands in front of a cracked mirror in Lorelei and the Laser Eyes.

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes review: The best video game I’ve ever reviewed

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes' painstaking puzzle design makes for an all-time classic.
A photo of Bitdefender running on a PC.

Bitdefender for Windows review: premium protection for all your devices

We tested Bitdefender's antivirus and advanced security plans for Windows to find out how good it is and whether it's worth the cost.
An HDR demo playing on the HP Omen 27k monitor.

HP Omen 27k review: a shockingly good budget monitor

With a 4K resolution, great color, and a suite of features for a reasonable price., the HP Omen 27k is a prime example of how far gaming monitors have come.
OnePlus Open in Emerald Dusk in hand.

OnePlus Open review: an excellent foldable, with a catch

The foldable market is growing, this time with OnePlus joining the fray. How does the OnePlus Open fare? Let's find out.
A person wearing the Apple Watch Series 9, showing the Snoopy watch face

Apple Watch Series 9 review: why you should buy it right now

Should you rush out and buy the Apple Watch Series 9? Yes, but also no, depending on what's on your wrist already. Our in-depth review explains everything.
Acer Swift X 14 2024 front view showing display and keyboard.

Acer Swift X 14 review: surprising performance, shocking price

The Acer Swift X 14 doesn't bother much with looking pretty or keeping trim. Instead, it's all about a winning combination of performance and display quality.
Malwarebytes user interface appears on a Microsoft Surface Book.

Malwarebytes for Windows review: a quick and easy antivirus upgrade

We tested Malwarebytes antivirus software for Windows to find out if its quality, ease-of-use, and support provide enough value for the price.
The Doctor and Ruby Sunday stand in the TARDIS together in Doctor Who.

Doctor Who review: a promising era, but a rocky start

Doctor Who kicks off its promising new era with a pair of surprisingly forgettable episodes. The sci-fi series returns Friday, May 10 at 7 p.m. ET on Disney+.
The Khar-Kushan mothership gets ready for hyperspace travel in Homeworld 3.

Homeworld 3 review: long awaited sci-fi sequel is an unsatisfying saga

Even with strong core combat and visuals, the long-awaited Homeworld 3 disappoints.
Noa stares ahead solemnly in Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes.

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes review: a great, thoughtful sci-fi sequel

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes is a worthy addition to one of Hollywood's best franchises. The film is now playing in theaters.
The Onn 4K Pro Streaming Device.

Don’t buy a Google Chromecast — get the Onn 4K Pro instead

Walmart's $50 Google TV streaming device is better than Google's. That's all there is to it.
HP's OfficeJet Pro 8135e has a mix of rounded and sharp corners, dark and light shades.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8135e review: home office printing on a budget

HP's OfficeJet Pro 8135e is an all-in-one with fax and walk-up printing capabilities at an affordable price. But how durable is it and how much will ink cost?
Two rabbits sit side by side in Animal Well.

Animal Well review: must-play Metroidvania is full of rewarding secrets

Animal Well uses the Metroidvania genre to craft an intricate, secret-filled adventure about animal adaptation.
The Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5 Enduro's screen.

The TicWatch Pro 5 Enduro is a great new smartwatch (with a catch)

The TicWatch Pro 5 Enduro takes the brilliant TicWatch Pro 5 and gives it a very light makeover. It's as good as you'd expect, but it makes me quite sad.
Hisense U8N

Hisense U8N review: As close to OLED as it gets?

The Hisense U8N continues to put pressure on the competition with intense brightness, deep blacks, and vibrant color.
The Skullcandy Barrel Bluetooth speaker on a rock.

Skullcandy Barrel review: a boombox that won’t blow up your wallet

If you're looking for a great-sounding, kinda portable Bluetooth speaker to take to the cottage or to the pool, the $180 Skullcandy Barrel is a great choice.
The four hero characters in Redfall dragging a vampire, who's reaching towards the camera with clawed hands.

Redfall review: multiplayer sucks the life out of a promising vampire shooter

The single-player and multiplayer experiences within Redfall are constantly at odds with one another, and neither side wins that fight.
Acer Swift Go 14 front view showing display and keyboard.

Acer Swift Go 14 review: a fast but flawed laptop

The Acer Swift Go 14 would have been an excellent 14-inch laptop a couple of years ago. But times have changed, and there are better options for the same money.
Alan Truly plays a game with the HTC Vive XR Elite.

A year later, the HTC Vive XR Elite is still a uniquely versatile VR headset

I tested the HTC Vive XR Elite, a comfortable VR headset with a unique feature that makes it one of the best for PC VR and standalone experiences.
Priority Bicycles e-Classic Plus e-bike left profile shot parked on crushed stone in front of a stone wall with a red converted barn in the background.

Priority e-Classic Plus e-bike review: clean, quiet, and elegant

If you're looking for a stylish electric bicycle to help you enjoy the ride longer, Priority's e-Classic Plus is an excellent choice.
Sony ULT Wear.

Sony ULT Wear headphones review: press twice for crazy bass

Sony's new midrange headphones are a kick in the head when it comes to bass, and their price will be music to your ears.
A person holding the Samsung Galaxy A35, showing the back of the phone.

I reviewed Samsung’s $400 budget phone, and I’m impressed

The Samsung Galaxy A35 isn't as glitzy as the Galaxy S24, but during our review, we've discovered it is a better buy than another more expensive Samsung phone.
Xbox Series X Stylized Graphic

Microsoft Xbox Series X review: You’re going to want a Game Pass subscription

A lack of must-have exclusives continues to stall Microsoft’s momentum, despite the Xbox Series X being a hardware beast.
Ryan Gosling wears sunglasses in "The Fall Guy."

The Fall Guy review: a near-perfect summer blockbuster

The Fall Guy will remind you why you fell in love with movies in the first place. The Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt-led film is now playing in theaters.
Front and side of the Fiat 500e

2024 Fiat 500e review: quirky and inexpensive

The 2024 Fiat 500e may not be the longest-range EV, but it is relatively fun -- despite its slightly weird driving quirks.
A PS5 sits on a table.

Sony PlayStation 5 review: slimmer model makes a great console better

The PS5's slimmer upgraded model makes a great console even better, with more storage and a slightly less awkward design.
The Galaxy Book4 Ultra open on a wooden suruface.

Samsung Galaxy Book4 Ultra review: it’s no MacBook Pro

Samsung attempts a true MacBook Pro competitor with the Galaxy Book4 Ultra, but does it succeed?
EVE stares at an enemy in Stellar Blade.

Stellar Blade review: PS5 exclusive’s beauty is only skin deep

Stellar Blade is not as substantive as PS5's other exclusive single-player offerings, but still features some exhilarating combat and art direction.
Beats Solo 4.

Beats Solo 4 review: a slew of upgrades keep this fan favorite current

Beats takes its wildly popular Solo on-ear wireless headphones to the next level with spatial and lossless audio.
A diver swims in Endless Ocean: Luminous.

Endless Ocean: Luminous review: chill underwater adventure runs out of air

Endless Ocean: Luminous guts the best parts of the series' previous entries in favor of chill, but repetitive busywork.
The HP Omen 40L desktop sitting on a coffee table.

HP Omen 40L desktop review: missing what counts the most

HP has the pricing and specs nailed with the Omen 40L, but it falls short of expectations when it comes to performance.
Black 2024 Mercedes-Benz EQS 450+ on front of trees

2024 Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV review: built for comfort

The 2024 Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV is built for a comfortable, luxurious driving experience. But does it perform a the level of a great EV?
Lenovo Yoga Pro 9i 16 front view showing display and keyboard.

Lenovo Yoga Pro 9i 16 review: this one blew me away

The Lenovo Yoga Pro 9i 16 is a very strong entry in the 16-inch laptop class, with surprisingly good performance and a very nice mini-LED display.
A man stands in an elevator in Boy Kills World.

Boy Kills World review: You deserve better than this

Boy Kills World wants to be your next favorite cult action movie, but it instead makes you want to watch the films it so shamelessly rips off.