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Video Game System Reviews


Your source for video game system reviews by Digital Trends’ expert reviewers. Reviews of new video game consoles are continually added as products enter the market.

Xbox Series X Stylized Graphic

Microsoft Xbox Series X review: You’re going to want a Game Pass subscription

A lack of must-have exclusives continues to stall Microsoft’s momentum, despite the Xbox Series X being a hardware beast.
A PS5 sits on a table.

Sony PlayStation 5 review: slimmer model makes a great console better

A Steam Deck OLED sits on a table.

Steam Deck OLED review: Valve’s refreshed handheld made me a believer

A Legion Go sits on a table with its controllers dethatched.

Lenovo Legion Go review: portable PC takes the right ideas from Nintendo Switch

Final Fantasy VII Remake running on the Steam Deck.

Steam Deck review: an experimental handheld that keeps improving

Starfield running on the Asus ROG Ally.

Asus’ ROG Ally Z1 is caught in no man’s land

Cyberpunk 2077 running on the Asus ROG Ally.

Asus ROG Ally (Z1 Extreme) review: Is it still a killer handheld?

ayaneo 2s review portable pc 1 2

Ayaneo 2S review: Steam Deck rival is all power, no panache

A Victrix Pro BFG and all its parts sit splayed out on a table.

Victrix Pro BFG review: Unique PS5 controller could replace your DualSense

A RiotPWR Xbox Edition controller plays Forza Horizon 5 via a phone.

RiotPWR Xbox Edition review: The best cloud gaming controller you shouldn’t buy

A gamer holds a Playdate in their hands.

Playdate review: WarioWare as a gaming handheld

Playing Amazon Luna on a laptop.

Amazon Luna review: Not quite on cloud nine yet

Original Series
An iiRcade arcade cabinet standing against a brick wall.

iiRcade review: A high-quality home arcade system that’s still growing

The iiRcade brings the arcade experience home with a top-notch machine that's still growing its game library.
Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S review: Impressive but not worth it in the long run

The Series S is initially an impressive piece of hardware for its price, but its limitations quickly become apparent. I can hardly recommend buying it.
Sony PlayStation 4 Slim

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim review

The PlayStation 4 Slim is the most affordable Sony console this gen. Compact and inexpensive, this is the easiest way to experience the excellent PS4 library.
Xbox One X review controller in front

Xbox One X review: Still the most powerful console

The Xbox One X is the most powerful game console, but is that enough to make it worth upgrading? Find out in our review.
PlayStation 4 bundle

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro review: The default choice

Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro is the best console of this generation, but it's pricey, and not everyone will need the upgrade over the great PlayStation 4 Slim.
Nintendo Switch review

Nintendo Switch review: The must-have console

The Nintendo Switch delivers on more new and interesting features than any console in recent memory. It's the most inventive gaming device in recent memory.
best cheap xbox one games 2017 s review 9

Xbox One S Review: Affordable 4K Entertainment

Microsoft started off on the wrong foot this generation, but it isn’t giving up with the smaller, sleeker Xbox One S. But should you wait for the Xbox Series X?
turbografx 16 mini pc engine core grafx review

TurboGrafx-16 Mini Review: Hardcore retro joy for everyone

The latest retro console to get the rerelease treatment is the TurboGrafx-16 Mini, and it's a real joy. However, some of the games are a serious challenge.
nintendo switch games dominate holidays 2019 exclusive poll lite review feature

Nintendo Switch Lite review

The Switch Lite doesn't stray far from the original formula, but its changes do make a difference in its comfortable design and improved battery life
Xbox One S All-Digital Edition review

Xbox One S All-Digital Edition review: No-Disc Dystopia

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition removes the disc drive and lowers the cost as a result, but the money you save isn’t worth losing physical games. The slightly more expensive Xbox One S will still be the better value in the long run when factoring in used game purchases and retailer sales.
playstation classic review feat 2

PlayStation Classic review

Sony has entered the mini-console fray with its very own PlayStation Classic. There’s no doubt that the PS1 era saw many great games, but Sony has not honored that legacy. Instead, we get a collectible that capitalizes on the cute mini aesthetic but falls short just about everywhere else.
Holding the SNES Classic Edition in our hand

SNES Classic Edition review

Can Nintendo’s coveted 16-bit emulation box live up to the hype? Find out in our SNES Classic Edition review!
Nintendo 3DS XL review 2

New Nintendo 3DS XL review

Sony Playstation 4 primary kit

Sony PlayStation 4 review

5 crazy successful kickstarters that didnt live up to the hype ouya console press

Ouya Review

nintendo wii u review console horizontal

Nintendo Wii U review

Nintendo 3DS XL Review


Sony PlayStation Vita Review

Nintendo 3DS Review

microsoft xbox 360 slim review

Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim Review

Nintendo DSi XL Review

Sony PSP Go Review

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