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Covering a digital world means devouring massive quantities of … well … stuff every single day. Here at Digital Trends we field enough consumer electronics in a week to fill an Amazon shopping cart, while reading and watching so much of the Internet that we’re probably taking servers down inadvertently. And, as anyone engaged with a creative process knows, the only productive way to work is with consistent jags into cat videos, online shopping, and Facebook wormholes. All of this amounts to a pretty decent collection of stuff that you, dear reader, might find of interest. That’s why, every week, we present our “Staff Picks” – a random assortment of articles to read, videos to watch, products to consider, services to adopt, or issues to think about. If you find Digital Trends to be a useful resource in your daily life, consider these pages to be a lightly curated glimpse into the collective subconscious of the site itself. Or, if that freaks you out, just consider it wild, wacky stuff that we’re digging at the moment.

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