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2016 Hyundai Tuscon Limited front 2

First Drive: 2016 Hyundai Tucson Limited

1989 Mercedes-Benz G230

These vintage Mercedes G-Wagons will have you driving like its 1989

New Jersey firm G-wagons For Sale specializes in restoring vintage Mercedes-Benz G-Class vehicles.
Jeep interior

Smart cars are hackable cars. Are the features worth the risk?

Until recently, automotive hacking was a concept that seemed unrealistic and nonthreatening.
Callaway Corvette

Watch out, Dodge: Callaway’s 757-horsepower Corvette will eat Hellcats for breakfast

American tuner Callaway has unveiled its most powerful Corvette ever.
Stretch limousine crash

Limo, meet locomotive: Sweet 16 turns into a literal trainwreck in Indiana

A Sweet 16 party in New Paris, Indiana was well under way last week when the group’s stretch limousine bottomed out over train tracks.
GreenTeam Formula Student electric car

A German electric car just beat the 0-to-62 world record with a time of 1.779 seconds

Members of the GreenTeam Formula Student group at Stuttgart University have set an unofficial 0 to 62 mph world record with a time of 1.779 seconds.
lexus rc f glowing heartbeat paint job pictures video techly lumilor coupe 3

The electrified paint on this Lexus literally throbs with your heartbeat

Lexus and Australian agency Tricky Jigsaw recently came together to create an RC F coupe with a glowing, real-time heartbeat.
Tesla Model S interior

For connected cars, improved functionality means gaps in the armor

A new Senate bill called The SPY Car Act hopes to protect drivers from cybersecurity and privacy threats by establishing federal standards.
Senator Edward J. Markey

The Senate’s SPY Car Act hopes to curb hackers from taking over your vehicle

Senators Ed Markey and Richard Blumenthal have introduced the SPY Car Act to protect drivers from cyberattacks and privacy threats.
2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

Inspired by a WWII fighter, the 805-hp Hellcat X makes the original look tame

An organization called Dream Giveaway is raffling off a unique Dodge Challenger called the Hellcat X.
Shell Fill Up & Go

In the UK, you can fill up with your phone with Shell’s pay-at-pump PayPal service

Shell U.K. has launched its pay-at-pump PayPal service, which allows customers to purchase gasoline without entering the store.
2016 Nissan Maxima Platinum

First drive: 2016 Nissan Maxima Platinum

2015 ford mustang gt interactive track video pictures

Take a ride in a 2015 Mustang GT in Ford’s epic interactive track video

Ford Europe has launched a new interactive video to promote the 2015 Mustang GT.
Tesla Model M

Meet the Model M: British designer imagines electric Tesla motorcycle

London designer Jans Slapins has released 3D renderings of a bold new concept — a Tesla motorcycle.
McLaren 675LT

Watch McLaren’s incredible 675LT get very sideways in this stunning 4K track video

The McLaren 675LT, also known as the 675 Longtail, has officially commenced its production run.
volkswagen v charge project self driving cars charging pictures

VW combining automated valets and self-charging cars with the V-Charge project

Volkswagen has announced its support of the V-Charge project, an EU research endeavor to develop self-parking, self-charging vehicles.
Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson on his last ever Top Gear lap: ‘I did the motherf***** of all tail slides’

Jeremy Clarkson’s time at Top Gear may be over, but before he moves on for good, he had one last lap around the show’s infamous circuit.
Ford Shelby GT350R Mustang wheel

With carbon fiber wheels and space shuttle tech, the Shelby GT350R is out of this world

The Ford Shelby GT350R Mustang is the first vehicle from a major automaker to offer carbon fiber wheels as standard.
BMW electric semi truck

18 wheels, zero emissions: BMW premiers all-electric material transport truck in Germany

BMW has debuted a 40-ton material transport truck in Europe, but there’s a catch — this beast is completely electric.
Smart "Swearing Kids" ad

Smart celebrates small with profanity-laden Forfour ad [Warning: NSFW]

Smart, a supermini manufacturer and division of Daimler AG, has released a new NSFW ad for the latest Forfour.
Ferrari Testarossa

Dig up those old Wayfarers, Miami Vice’s 1986 Ferrari Testarossa is headed for auction

The 1986 Ferrari Testarossa from Miami Vice is headed for auction.
Volkswagen Transporter T5

Stow that wire brush, the rusty finish on this VW Transporter was actually done on purpose

Most of us dread the sight of rust on our cars, but the owner of a Volkswagen Transporter van decided it would be the perfect finishing touch for his ride.
Wildcat MV-LSV

Wildcat, maker of the Corvette-powered Land Rover, is building a badass Light Strike Vehicle

British automaker Wildcat has launched a crowdfunding platform to produce two new models, the MV-LSV and the W22.
Dodge 'Predator' ad

Two Hellcats and a Viper whip up a smoky cocktail in Dodge’s new ‘Predators’ ad

Dodge has released a new promotional ad for its muscle car lineup called “Predators.”
Volvo Excellence Child Seat Concept

Volvo wants to keep your kids safe (and comfy) with the new Excellence Child Seat Concept

Volvo has officially debuted the Excellence Child Seat Concept, a car seat with improved safety and comfort features.
Honda CR-Z

Who you callin’ slow? Honda conquers Pikes Peak with an all-electric, AWD CR-Z

At the recent Pikes Peak Hill Climb event in Colorado, Honda surprised the crowd by debuting an all-electric version of its CR-Z hybrid.
Toyota Mirai

The Toyota Mirai has the longest driving range of any zero emission vehicle, by far

With the ability to travel 312 miles on one tank of hydrogen, the Toyota Mirai has the longest driving range of any zero emission vehicle on the market.

Green speed: Half of McLaren’s model range to go hybrid by 2025

McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt recently stated that he wants half of his model range to utilize hybrid technology by 2025.
Vitesse | AuDessus

Lighten up: Vitesse | AuDessus wants to rebuild your entire car from carbon fiber

Maryland-based carbon fiber supplier Vitesse | AuDessus has made its official debut.
Nissan Juke Nismo RS

Watch Nissan’s Juke Nismo RS set a Guinness World Record using just two wheels

A stunt driver in a Nissan Juke Nismo RS has set the Guinness World Record for the fastest mile driven while balancing on two wheels.
Toyota Camry

The list of ‘American-Made’ vehicles is shrinking rapidly, study says has released its 2015 American-Made Index, which rates cars based on their amount of domestic content.
Dartz bulletproof car seat

Good news, baby gangsters: Dartz now makes bulletproof car seats

Latvian carmaker Dartz announced its l'Enfante Terrible brand of car seats in January, but the latest version is sure to keep your child safer than ever.
Google self-driving car

Can robots have road rage? Self-driving Lexus cuts off self-driving Audi in California

Two self-driving cars had a bit of a close call in Silicon Valley this week, as Google’s self-driving Lexus cut off Delphi Automotive’s self-driving Audi.
chevrolet proactive service alerts pictures news onstar advanced vehicle diagnostics feature

Chevy vehicles will soon be able to anticipate repairs with advanced prognostic alerts

Chevrolet has announced a new feature called Proactive Alerts, a prognostic function that can anticipate when certain components will need maintenance.