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Samsung KS9500 SUHD TV

Hands on: Samsung KS9500 SUHD TV

fbi cancels apple hearing to test alternate hack method dt daily 00 51 21 still005

FBI ditches Apple hearing after finding a way to hack iPhone

The FBI will test a method of hacking a San Bernadino shooter's iPhone rather than face Apple in a court hearing.
Vizio P-Series

Hands on: Vizio P-series

Vizio unveiled today its new P-Series line of premium 4K TVs for 2016. The new series spans screen sizes ranging from 50 - 75-inches, priced $999 - $3799.
J Jones Carrie-Anne Moss as Harper

This Luke Cage trailer was tagged onto the credits of DareDevil season 2

If there was any lingering doubt whether Netflix was fully committed to developing the Marvel cinematic universe, this trailer should wipe it right out.
apple march 21 event ipad pro iphone se tv dt daily 00 02 14 15 still005

Apple event highlighted by iPhone SE, new 9.7-inch iPad Pro

Today’s announcements from Apple didn’t hold many surprises, but we did get pricing and availability details on a couple of new products, along with some insight into how iOS is evolving.
apple tv

Apple makes login a breeze for Apple TV owners with new dictation feature

Apple announced a few new features for tvOS on Apple TV, including dictation for easier username/password entry, and folders for organization.
apple let us loop you in ipad pro 97 inch 599 32gb 0318

Let us loop you into this new 9.7-inch iPad Pro for $599

New rumors surfacing ahead of Apple "Let us Loop You In" event indicate a 9.7-inch iPad Pro will be introduced starting at $599.
youtube and google play now available through tmobile binge on dtd0317

YouTube and Google Play are now part of T-Mobile’s Binge On program

Google and T-Mobile buried the hatchet and worked out a deal that brings one of the biggest online video sites to T-Mobile's worry free video service.
instragram to ditch chronological feed for algorithm based feeds dtd0316

Instagram implements big changes to users’ feeds, ditches chronological content

Announced today, Instagram will transition away from a straight chronological feed in favor of an algorithmically based one.
john oliver apple vs fbi last week tonight episode 0314

John Oliver tackles Apple vs. FBI debate on Last Week Tonight

John Oliver used his podium as host of HBO's Last Week Tonight to hilariously dig deep into the ongoing debate between Apple and the FBI.
this humongous wireless speaker has a shockingly small price fluance fi70 beauty

Part speaker, part donut, Fluance’s Fi70 is a hi-fi system that makes a statement

The Fi70 is the most ambitious effort we've seen coming from online direct speaker maker, Fluance, yet. Everything about it is big, except the price.
An Apple TV connected to a TV.

Apple TV (2015) review

Apple may have come to the party a little late with the 4th Generation Apple TV, but the new streaming set-top box is an Apple fan’s dream.
apple let us loop you in event reference tease iphone se dt daily 00 01 27 still007

Let us loop you in on what else you can expect from Apple’s next event

Apple's event is right around the corner. We know to expect a new iPhone, iPad, and something Apple Watch related, but what is the "loop" teasing?
what to expect from apples march 21 event stem cell eyeballs android n preview dtd0310

What to expect from Apple’s March 21 event

Today's DT Daily looks at why everyone is so excited about Android N, scientists growing eyeballs from stem cells, and what Apple has in store for March 21.
destinations by google helps plan vacations dt daily 00 14 18 still005

Destinations on Google will plan out your next vacation

A new feature from Google leverages the search engine's wealth of resources to deliver flights, pricing info, and itineraries for vacation planning.
Samsung JS7000 SUHD TV

Samsung UN60JS7000 4K LED TV review

samsung galaxy s7 and edge reviews posted thumb2

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge reviews: Too gorgeous for their own good

Samsung's new flagship smartphones are gorgeous, powerful, and waterproof, but delicate glass, carrier locking, and carrier bloatware steal their shine.
first mac malware ransomware keranger encryption dt daily 00 03 19 still005

The first successful malware for Mac targets torrent users

Researchers discovered the ransomware was hitching a ride on Transmission, a popular torrent client for Macs, and was most downloaded between March 4-5.
amazon removes encryption from fire tablets os 5 dt daily 00 01 38 20 still005

Amazon extinguishes encryption with Fire OS 5 update

The news comes amidst a heated battle between Apple and the FBI over encryption on Apple's iOS devices.
amazon introduces echo dot and tap speakers portable petite ai dt daily 00 12 still005

Amazon’s Echo ecosystem expands with the petite Dot and portable Tap speakers

Both miniaturized and less-expensive than the original Echo smart speaker, the Dot and Tap look to expand Amazon's reach into its customers' homes.
apple squares off against fbi before congress today dt daily 00 15 09 still005

Apple will lean on recent federal judge’s decision as it faces FBI before congress

Apple will lean on recent New York federal judge's decision as it faces FBI before congress today.
adv sound m40 headphones best under 50 video review

The best headphones under $50 come from a company you’ve never heard of

The ADV.Sound M4 turned out to be a very pleasant surprise, and now sit toward the top of our best headphones under $50 list.
netflix blocks vpn users in europe dt daily 00 46 15 still005

Netflix lays the crack-down on VPN users in Europe despite evasion efforts

Netflix is cracking down on VPN users, and whatever its doing is working. VPNs have found themselves unable to sneak past Netflix's location detection tools
facebook canvas changes ad platform ads in feed dt daily 00 17 29 still005

Facebook ads are about to start looking and acting a lot different

The new platform allows marketers to create ads within Facebook, eliminating the need to redirect users to an outside website.
apple is rushing to create an unhackable iphone os despite fbi dt daily 00 01 18 still005

Apple vs. FBI: Inside the latest polarizing developments

Apple is apparently scurrying to permanently close the loophole -- or backdoor -- that the FBI says they want to exploit with an unhackable version of iOS.
facebook launches reaction emojis globally and macs get siri dtd0224

Love it! Facebook launches reaction emojis globally

It isn't an unlike button, but it will have to do. Facebook now allows a range of emotional expressions to augment its like button.
samsung s7 vs lg g5 flaship smartphone battle dtd0223

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. LG G5: Which flagship phone belongs in your pocket?

We pit the Samsung S7 against the modular LG G5 to determine which flagship smartphone should land in your pocket later this year.
apple ceo tim cook fbi director james comey square off over iphone encryption dt daily 00 48 13 still005

Apple CEO and FBI Director square off in battle of wills over iPhone encryption

The battle of wills between the FBI and Apple continues to escalate, with Tim Cook calling on the FBI to drop its demands.
googles new stand alone vr headset wont need a smartphone or pc dt daily 00 01 20 18 still005

Google’s new stand-alone VR headset won’t need a smartphone or PC

Reports indicate Google will replace cardboard with a full-fledged stand-alone VR headset that won't rely on a smartphone or hot-rod PC to function.
google ai driver in self driving cars says government dt daily 00 12 still005

Google’s AI is on the hook as self-driving car’s driver, says the Feds

Google asked the NHTSA for its interpretation of a handful of safety standards, and they said it would consider the self-driving system the driver.
google cardboard replacement vr competitor dt daily 00 12 13 still005

Google gets serious about VR, will replace Cardboard this year with new headset

Google isn't going to sit in the stands and watch the VR game play out. The tech giant has its own plans, and that begins with a replacement for cardboard.
apple to offer trade in credit on broken iphones ga6ct3sy 20170455 mp4 00 03 10 11 still004

Apple will reportedly give you trade-in credit for your busted up iPhone

Apple is expected to start accepting iPhone's 5S and newer for in-store credit, even if they exhibit damage like a broken screen.
facebook celebrates 12 years friends day videos apple on android spotify playlist a app dt daily 00 14 05 still006

Facebook celebrates 12th birthday with Friends Day videos, faces plenty of media snark

marissa mayer stays on as yahoo ceo with strategic streamline plan dt daily 00 02 01 15 still007

Marissa Mayer gets one more stab at saving Yahoo from getting sold out

Big changes at Yahoo mean some 1700 employees may lose their jobs. In a last-ditch effort to fix what ails Yahoo, Marissa Mayer is staying on as CEO.