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marissa mayer stays on as yahoo ceo with strategic streamline plan dt daily 00 02 01 15 still007

Marissa Mayer gets one more stab at saving Yahoo from getting sold out

Big changes at Yahoo mean some 1700 employees may lose their jobs. In a last-ditch effort to fix what ails Yahoo, Marissa Mayer is staying on as CEO.
samsung galaxy s7 360 vr camera rumor video dt daily 00 02 25 04 still005

Samsung Galaxy S7 could get upstaged by 360-degree VR camera reveal at Unpacked event

The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge get unveiled February 21 in Barcelona ahead of Mobile World Congress, but could get upstaged by a 360-degree VR camera.
flicks dashbon projector bluetooth speaker all in one video review

This Bluetooth speaker-projector hybrid makes any wall a movie theater

Flicks is a conveniently portable Bluetooth boombox with a projector built right in, making just about any spot ripe for a pop-up movie theater.
facebook live streaming apple iphone wireless charging google domain reward dt daily 00 01 03 24 still006

Apple is working on a wireless charging solution for iPhone | DT Daily

Apple is reportedly working on a wireless charging solution that wouldn't require a special mat, but would charge its phones over a long distance.
facebook 2015 earnings report apple recall delorean returns dt daily 00 16 14 still005

Facebook banks $1 Billion in profit thanks to mobile ad revenue | DT Daily

Facebook pulled $1 Billion in pure profit last year, Apple has issued a recall on power adapters, and the iconic DeLorean is coming back in 2017.
facebook changing the like button to include six reaction emojis dt daily 00 02 20 13 still005

Facebook is radically altering the Like button, adding a range of six reactions emojis

Facebook is making big changes to the 'Like' button, expanding it to all users to express a range of six different emotions.
libratone zipp and mini video review 0001

Libratone’s new Zipps make setup a cinch, but can’t match Sonos sound

After two years of relative silence, Scandinavian speaker maker, Libratone, has returned with two new wireless speakers worth a serious look.
livestream gopro twitter periscope crashsafari uber bop it dt daily 00 18 23 still006

Livestream to Twitter with a GoPro and Periscope

Livestream to Twitter using Periscope and a GoPro, Trolls target iPhone users with a malicious URL, and Uber turns to a kids toy to pacify drunk passengers.
windows 10 cortana appointments reminders schedule assistant dt daily 00 01 49 16 still005

Cortana will now help manage appointments and keep promises

Cortana will now scan your emails for strings of words indicating a time-based commitment and ask you if you would like to set a reminder.
interview ijustine joey graceffa tech entertainment ambassador ces 2016

Interview: iJustine and Joey Graceffa talk tech, branding, and killer content

We interview YouTube superstars, iJustine and Joey Graceffa, asking questions about the top tech trends at CES, their favorite exhibits, and more.
how many billions does it cost to be the default search engine on ios dt daily 00 41 09 still005

How many billions does it cost to be the default search engine on iOS?

The price tag that comes along with being the default search engine in iOS isn't anything to bat an eye at. New information reveals just how much Google paid Apple to be the default search engine in iOS.
goldenear technology triton speakers supersub first impressions video goldenearroom1

GoldenEar SuperSub X: Bass this bombastic has no business coming from such a tiny box

GoldenEar Technology pulled off its usual gobsmacking demonstration at CES with two revamped Triton loudspeakers and the all-new SuperSub X.
google chrome will load web pages faster ios for musicians microsoft cloud dt daily 00 01 39 18 still005

Google Chrome about to run much faster, gobble less data | DT Daily

Apple is making iOS better for musicians, Microsoft is giving away $1 Billion ... in cloud services, and Google Chrome is about to get a whole lot faster.
verizon freebee data goes into beta dt daily 00 01 27 still005

Verizon enables apps/websites to pay for the data you download with FreeBee Data

Verizon has just introduced a sort of toll-free data service designed to give third parties the option to pick up the bill when you download their content.
samsung suhd explained 2016 dave das interview digital trends caleb denison ces

Samsung’s SUHD evolved: Dave Das explains what’s new for SUHD in 2016

We catch up with Dave Das at CES 2016 for his explanation of exactly how Samsung's premium SUHD tier is now even more premium than it was last year.
playstation vue now available sony android tv version 1477564372 x930d ces 2016

Sony’s new premium-only TV strategy is either crazy or genius

Sony is shooting for a premium-only paradigm, opting for a program that prioritizes quality over quantity. But will the strategy work?
paradigm unleashes the beast with its concept speaker line ultra

Tell Paradigm engineers cost is no object, and they’ll build you this brawny beast

Paradigm's first shot at a cost-no-object speaker yielded incredible results. The code-named "Concept" speaker was one of the best we heard at CES.
netflix youtube miranda sings original series haters back off colleen ballinger

Haters Back Off! YouTube star Miranda Sings lands her own scripted show on Netflix

Netflix's grab of the YouTube star represents the first time a YouTuber has landed an original, scripted TV series on a streaming service.
obama white house 4 billion initiative for self driving cars dt daily 00 29 20 still005

Self-driving cars get $4 Billion boost from President Obama | DT Daily

Obama signed off on a plan meant to foster development of autonomous vehicles as part of an initiative that pushes for a 21st Century transportation system.
netflix to shut down proxy unblocker country restrictions thumb

Netflix will shut down users watching out-of-country content | DT Daily

Those using services to avoid Netflix's country recognition technology may get suddenly get shut down in the coming weeks.
bang and olufsen beolab 90 speakers sweet spot 15cs me23

You need a PhD to understand these speakers, but just ears to be floored by them

Find out why the Bang & Olufsen's Beolab 90 are the finest speakers the bespoke audio company has ever produced.
new bose car audio systems affordable sound great performance series small

Bose makes car audio for every budget now, and we tried them all

Bose is expanding its reach beyond expensive luxury cars into much more affordable territory, and its wares sound worth the upgrade.
google cardboard to add spatial audio 360 degree sound experience dt daily 00 12 20 still005

Spatial audio is coming to Google Cardboard, matching VR sight and sound | DT Daily

Google intends to make Cardboard an even more immersive experience with sound that better matches 360-degree VR video.
ces 2016 best sights in vuze vr 360 degree video 886936 10153384063186693 5841061927431593463 o

See the sights at CES that stopped show-goers in their tracks, all in 360-degree VR

See for yourself in 360-degree VR video what lengths some companies go to to grab your attention, then keep it at the world's largest electronics show.
periscope videos come to twitter feeds autplay dt daily 00 50 15 still005

Get ready to watch Periscope live-stream videos right from your Twitter feed |DT Daily

With its stock in the bargain basement, Twitter has announced Periscope live-stream videos will now appear directly in iOS device Twitter feeds.
att brings back unlimited data plan dt daily 00 52 10 still005

AT&T is bringing back its unlimited data plan, but there’s a catch |DT Daily

If you subscribe to AT&T’s DirecTV Satellite or U-Verse Cable service, the wireless carrier has an unlimited data plan for you.
lg rollable oled hands on video 1 970x647 c

LG finally showed us the roll-up TV it’s been teasing for years

Some of the coolest tech at CES isn't on the show floor for public display, and this year LG has a doozy. Check our video to see what we're talking about.
Panasonic DMP-UB900 Ultra-HD Blu-ray Player

Panasonic’s ultra HD Blu-ray player offers the best TV picture quality ever

Panasonic's DMP-UB900 Ultra HD Blu-ray player is poised to feed premium 4K Ultra HD TV's of today and tomorrow the best picture quality they've seen.
Samsung KS9500

Samsung cranks up the brightness on SUHD with an eye-searing new 2016 TV line

Samsung unveils its latest and greatest SUHD TVs at CES, including the flagship KS9500 with 1,000 scorching nits of HDR 4K Ultra HD resolution.
panasonic intros dx900 led tv series promises ultra hd oled and blu ray in 2016 4k lultra

Panasonic intros DX900 LED TV series, promises Ultra HD OLED and Ultra HD Blu-ray in 2016

Panasonic was light on details, but did skim over a new flagship TV series for 2016, highlighting the DX900 as the first TV to earn the Ultra HD Premium certification announced earlier this week.
LG Signature OLED G6

LG unveils astonishingly thin E6 and G6 4K Ultra HD OLED TVs

LG has unveiled its latest OLED TVs, including the stunningly thin new E6 and G6 flagship series, which boast HDR technology webOS 3.0, and more
exclusive first look at the latest in vr and 4k oled dt daily dtd 1 5

Exclusive first look at the latest in VR and 4K OLED | DT Daily

CES 2016 kicks off with a slew of cool tech to see and experience. VR is a major theme for the show, so are 4K Televisions.
lg 2016 super uhd tv series specs price details img 0698

LG announces new Super UHD TV lineup featuring massive 98-inch 8K monster

LG is introducing at CES 2016 a new Super UHD TV series with performance-enhancing features and a massive 98-inch 8K flagship model.
ces 2016 preview six trends we will see what to expect sequence 01 00 11 07 still003

CES 2016 video sneak peek: 6 trends that will dominate the show floor

Here are the six big trends we’ll be seeing at the world's largest tech show this year.