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Derek Mead

Former Digital Trends Contributor
nasa rovers carried world trade center aluminum to mars rover shield

NASA rovers carried World Trade Center aluminum to Mars

DigiNotar Google cert access map (FOX-IT)

Dutch government root certificate banned in Chrome, Firefox and IE

amazon tablet android samsung

Amazon site redesign is final puzzle piece for Kindle tablet

infrared cameras can be used to steal pins from atms atm scam

Infrared cameras can be used to steal PINs from ATMs

apple files new antenna patent for iphones and ipads iphone

Apple files new antenna patent for iPhones and iPads

Newly-discovered stone tools are some of mankind’s earliest tech

samsung galaxy note a giant phone or tiny tablet

Samsung Galaxy Note: Giant phone or tiny tablet?

Financial Times pulls out of App Store following failed negotiations

China aims to eliminate ‘cancer’ in social networks

tunisia bagra cow prize british cows

British ISP giving 3G coverage to rural areas for free


AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile invest $100 million in mobile wallet system

Samsung-Galaxy S II

Samsung’s smartphone ban not likely to last

instagram hits 150 million photos still behind flickr facebook screenshots

Facebook to add photo filters, takes on Instagram

Facebook's new photo filters feature will have the same old-timey look that made Instagram so popular, plus a few new styles to set it apart.
start up pure storage uses exclusively flash based flasharray

Start-up Pure Storage uses exclusively flash-based storage

sony alpha a77 says goodbye to dslrs slt flash up sal1650

Sony Alpha A77 says goodbye to DSLRs

astronauts capture video of hurricane irene from orbit

Astronauts capture video of Hurricane Irene from orbit

lg bringing stereoscopic 3d laptop to market a530

LG bringing stereoscopic 3D laptop to market

geologists may have found oldest known fossils billion year old fossil

Geologists may have found oldest known fossils

4g lte implementation is expensive will the iphone 5 have it

Signs mounting that an LTE 4G iPhone is coming

google now verifying accounts of the famous larry page  profile

Google+ now verifying accounts of the famous

nasa tracks space storms collisions with earth video stereo a

NASA tracks space storms’ collisions with Earth (with video)

google adds weather layer to maps weather2

Google adds weather layer to Maps

astronomers find blackest planet ever spinal tap rejoices tres 2b

Astronomers find blackest planet ever, Spinal Tap rejoices


Google moves to protect app devs against Lodsys


Samsung gets court date to address Euro tablet ban


FTC investigation into Google getting more focused

hands on with intels ultrabooks a stopgap toward the next generation of laptop

Intel waving cash around in search of Ultrabook developments


HTC to buy majority stake in headphone maker Beats

mystery of orange goo gripping alaska town has been partially solved

Mystery of orange goo gripping Alaska town has been partially solved

Toshiba 46SL417U display Vudu interface

Vudu web streams to iPads to avoid sharing cash with Apple


Motorola interested in Windows Phone 7


Newspaper behemoth Tribune Co. developing its own tablet


IBM breaks up with the NCSA and Blue Water supercomputer project

London riots

Twitter, Facebook aiding London clean-up