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Here’s the real difference between HDR and non-HDR footage in security cameras

Does it really matter if our home security cameras are HDR-capable? Allow us to weigh in on the subject.
Halter Reclining Leather office chair

The best office chairs

Our bodies aren't made to withstand hours sitting at a desk, but opting for one of these picks for the best office chair can help alleviate any discomfort.

This 360-degree pan-and-tilt camera captures 2K video, and it’s only $90

Looking for an indoor security camera? The EZVIZ C6W offers 2K video capture, 360-degree panning, and an intuitive app for additional home monitoring functions.
Kinsa Smart Thermometer

The best digital and smart thermometers for 2021

Here are our picks for the best oral, forehead, ear, digital, and smart thermometers to help you make an informed decision on which one is right for your home.
google nest hub sleep tracking soli new price release 2nd gen lufestyle 2 of 5

Google Nest Hub (1st Gen) vs. Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen)

Thinking of picking up a new smart display for your web-connected home? In this head-to-head, we compare the first-gen Google Nest Hub to the second-gen.
best deals alexa google home amazon walmart mini

How to stream music from Google Home to Bluetooth speakers or headphones

Not sure how to get Bluetooth devices paired and working with your Google Home products? We'll walk you through the entire process, from setup to completion.

How to clean a coffee maker

If you brew your coffee at home and you don't clean your machine, you could be drinking mold, yeast, and other bacteria. Here's how to clean your coffee maker.
Amazon Echo on a table.

How to set up a Routine on your Alexa device

Alexa's Routines function lets you complete multiple tasks using just a single voice command. Here's a handy guide on how to add Routines to your smart home.
how long do appliances last rheem water heater 1

How long should your appliances last?

How long do appliances last? Here's how many years to expect for many different devices, along with what you can do to keep your essentials lasting longer.
Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Nest Hello vs. Ring Video Doorbell Pro: Which is better for you?

Two of the most well-known video doorbell brands are Nest and Ring. In this side-by-side, we're pitting the Nest Hello against the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.
Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) vs Google Nest Mini

The 9 things Amazon Echo can do that Google Home can’t

Amazon and Google are leaders in the world of smart speakers. We love both brands, but here's a guide to show you exactly what Alexa can do that Google can't.
best home security cameras under 50 wyze cam pan

How to use the Wyze Cam as a webcam

If you’re in a pinch and desperately need a webcam without being coerced into buying an overpriced alternative, then pick a Wyze Cam V2 as an affordable option.
how to measure home energy use curb 4 720x720

How to measure home energy use

Energy bills can add up quickly. Want to know how much energy your household is using? Here's a look at some of the most reliable energy monitoring tools.
echo dot 2018 3rd generation

2nd-gen vs. 3rd-gen Echo Dot: What’s the difference?

What makes the third-gen Echo Dot different from its second-gen predecessor? In this breakdown, we compare the two in sound, looks, features, and availability.
Elite Gourmet

The best toasters

Toasters have come a long way over the past several decades. From LED displays to motorized trays, here are some of the best toasters currently on the market.
All Clad Deluxe Slow Cooker

How to use a crockpot: 12 Do’s and Don’ts

For many cooks, slow cookers make meal prep easier. In this guide, we'll teach you how to master the craft of cooking with a crockpot, from prep to cleaning.
Amazon Echo Buds on ear

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ vs. Amazon Echo Buds

If you're looking for true wireless earbuds that aren't made by Apple, two great options are Samsung's Galaxy Buds+ and Amazon's Echo Buds. We compare them.
expert tips for wall mounting your tv stud finder and other tools

The best stud finders

Endlessly searching for a stud in your wall is a chore. Luckily, these stud finders are high-tech and straightforward, allowing you to hang with confidence.
Netflix login screen

How to get Netflix for free

If money is tight but the need to stream is dire, we've got a few insider tips, tricks, and hacks that will help you score a Netflix subscription for free.
cool waffle irons makers snowflake maker

The coolest waffle makers

We can all agree that waffles are some of the best of the breakfast foods, but these savory circles can get a little boring. Here are some unique waffle makers.
KitchenAid Mini Food Processor

The best food processors for 2021

When it comes to being more efficient in the kitchen, a food processor can make all the difference. Take a look at our favorite slicers and dicers of 2021.
Echo Show 8 on a wooden table.

Amazon Echo Show 1st-gen vs. 2nd-gen

In this comparison, the Echo Show 2017 takes on the Echo Show 2018. We're comparing Amazon's two generations of smart displays to see which is right for you.
Echo Studio sitting next to a plant.

Amazon Echo Studio vs. Apple HomePod

Trying to choose between Amazon's Echo Studio and Apple's HomePod? We spill the beans on which device sounds best and which will fit your digital music life.
Maytag Dryer MEDB755DW

How to fix a squeaky dryer

A squeaky dryer can be rather annoying. Fortunately, there are several ways to fix most of these issues. Here is our guide to fixing your home's faulty dryer.
how to install a USB outlet

How to install a USB outlet

These days, it seems like everything requires a special outlet. Luckily, we've put together an in-depth guide on how to install a USB outlet to free up space.
iRobot Roomba S9 and Braava Jet m6 docked

5 useful robots that will make your annoying chores fun again

While we aren't living in any 'Jetsons' apartments just yet, home automation has come a long way. These robotic servants may soon replace household chores.
Product still of the Celestron Starseeker in a backyard

The best telescopes

Telescopes can be rather pricy, but knowing the exact model and accessories you need can save you valuable time and money. Here are our six favorite telescopes.
Arc 20W Solar Charger Kit

The best solar chargers for your phone or tablet

Looking for a way to charge your phone while on the go? Each of these solar chargers can help in a pinch, allowing you to juice your device in the backcountry.
Product still of the Snaptain SP350

The best drones under $500

Looking to get a reliable, feature-rich drone without breaking the bank? Check out this tightly-curated list of the best drones you can get for $500 or less!
Instant Pot

The best Instant Pot tips, tricks, and hacks

Whether you always use an Instant Pot or you just bought one, we've rounded up the most useful tips and tricks to help you prep your next Instant Pot meal.
Granite counters

Here’s how to DIY faux granite, marble, or quartz countertops for under $100

Did you know you can have countertops that look exactly like real stone -- granite, marble, or quartz -- for under $100? Here's a DIY guide for doing the reno.
n roku express streaming stick plus 4k ultra deals amazon spring sale 1

How to watch local channels on your Roku device

There are several ways to get local programming on your Roku device. In this guide, we'll teach you how to leverage various Roku channels and OTA antennas.
Alder Home Security

The best home security systems

Whether you're seeking a professionally installed home security system or are a DIYer, our list of smart home security systems offers something for everyone.
Google Home Mini

Google Nest Mini vs. Google Home Mini

Google's Nest Mini and Home Mini look alike, but what makes them different? We examine both smart speakers to explain what makes them unique.