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An Amazon Echo in living room.

How to use your Alexa device as an intercom

Tired of yelling to summon your spouse? If you own two or more Alexa devices, you can intercom between them with a feature called Drop In. We'll teach you how.
best toaster ovens cuisinart air fryer oven 1

The best toaster ovens

Are you looking for a toaster oven that can make beef jerky or steam vegetables? Here are several of our favorite ovens that can do much more than toast bread.
best cold brew coffee makers kcm5912 1

The best cold brew coffee makers

The best cold brew coffee makers provide perfect coffee with concentrated filtration, storage, and pouring abilities. Here are our favorite models of the year.
LG Solar Panels installed on roof.

How do solar panels work? Should you buy them?

With more and more homeowners converting to solar power, we created this helpful guide to help you decide if investing in panels is the right move for you.
stem cell regrow teeth researchers 0002

The best teeth-whitening kits

Tired of stained teeth? You can buy teeth-whitening kits online that are designed to give you a gleaming shine, no dentist needed. Here are our favorite kits.
best bread machines zoji vir 1

The best bread machines

There's no beating a homemade loaf of bread, and with these five awesome bread makers, you can make your own today. Read on to see what we love about each one.
best spring cleaning gadgets bissell 36z1 springclean 1

The best gadgets to clean and sanitize your home

Spring cleaning is like every chore you hate to do, multiplied by 10. From vacuums to robot mops, here are some of our favorite spring cleaning gadgets.
shelter in place with alexa alexa1 2

Make the most out of your shelter-in-place order with Alexa

Finding it hard to work from home? Not sure how to disinfect your table? We break down some Alexa features that can help brighten your shelter-in-place blues.
best standalone freezers whirlpool freezer 1

The best storage freezers

Whether you're running out of room in your refrigerator or you're looking to stock up on extra goods, these standalone freezers will get the job done this year.
A pair of headphones with a book.

How to listen to audiobooks with Alexa and Google Assistant

Want Alexa to read you a book? In this how-to guide, we teach you how to integrate your digital audiobook service with Amazon and Google Home smart devices.
A Nest Learning Thermostat installed on a wall corner next to the kitchen.

How to save money on your electric bill

No one likes paying bills, but there are some simple ways to make each month a little less painful. These are some quick tips to conserve energy and save money.
Instant Pot Duo80 8-Quart on a kitchen countertop.

The best slow cookers

Slow cookers make meal prep easy. Whether you're hunting for features or shopping on a budget, we've got you covered with our list of the best cookers.
how to safely order food delivery packaging covid 2

How to safely order food delivery

It's good to support local restaurants with delivery, but you should still be careful when ordering your food. Here's some tips on how to safely order takeout.
amazon slashes the prices on arlo pro wireless security cameras 3  wire free add camera 1

Arlo Pro 3 and Apple HomeKit join forces

The Arlo Pro 3 has been one of the most popular security cameras around, and now thanks to integration with Arlo, Apple HomeKit support is finally here.
galaxy home mini behind the scenes prerelease 2020 1

Galaxy Home Mini: Leak gives a sneak peek at the tiny smart speaker

Just two days away from product-launch, XDA's Max Weinbach gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the new Samsung Galaxy Home Mini. The speaker boasts some impressive smart-home capabilities, but also a couple of drawbacks.

New ADT survey reveals deep-seated insecurities over smart home security

The results of a surprising ADP survey reveal that while most Americans demand improved security of their personal data from leading smart-brands, an alarming sum of respondents knew next to nothing about how companies are protecting their info to begin with.
iKuddle Auto-Feeder press render

iKuddle tech will keep tabs on tabby to ensure your cat is healthy and hydrated

iKuddle, the pet-centered smart-company, took the stage at CES 2020 with not only a completed version of their Kickstarter-funded smart-litter box, but also with the announcement of both an IoT water fountain and auto feeder. Now, you can keep tabs on how well they stay hydrated.