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hitman io interactive new ip franchise game job listing 398653578557 656 fec792150d19d4a8e5bea94a5f0bcfe1 0

Job listing hints that ‘Hitman’ developer might be working on a new game series

IO Interactive, developer of the Hitman games, may have let it slip in a job listing that it has a new IP in the works.
telltale the walking dead season 3 episode release

Never fear: Next episode in Telltale’s ‘Walking Dead’ game series due in March

The third episode of Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season 3, titled "Above the Law," will arrive in March, the developer announced.
street fighter v kolin release date character dlc art

She’s as cold as ice: New ‘Street Fighter V’ character Kolin arrives February 28

The second character in Street Fighter V's season second of character DLC, Kolin, arrives February 28, with more to come.
best buy oculus rift demo stations shutdown riftblogpierre1

A hard reality for Oculus Rift: Best Buy pulls VR kiosks from 200 Best Buy stores

Nearly half of the Oculus Rift demo stations in Best Buy stores are being shut down, the companies have confirmed.
nioh review ps4 screen 012

‘Nioh’ review

final fantasy xiv microsoft hololens 2017 02 06  4

Developer shows off ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ gameplay on Microsoft’s HoloLens

A Twitter user has demonstrated what Final Fantasy XIV looks like with support from Microsoft's HoloLens headset.
World of Warcraft: Legion

Blizzard creates cross-game economy for ‘WoW,’ ‘Overwatch,’ and ‘Hearthstone’

Blizzard announced that WoW players can now exchange WoW Tokens, which can be purchased for in-game gold, for balance.
Rock Band VR Hands On

Overcome stage fright: ‘Rock Band VR’ will let you join a virtual band in March

Harmonix announced that Rock Band VR, the game that will let Oculus Rift owners join the cartoon band of their dreams, is out soon.
resident evil 7 madhouse speedrun knife only

Think 'Resident Evil 7' was tough? Try beating it in hard mode with only a knife

Resident Evil 7 has one mode that's harder than the rest: Madhouse. And, naturally, one player has already conquered it with only a knife.
ps4 pro boost mode update sony playstation 4 0005 800x533 c

Powerful “boost mode” for old games hidden in latest PlayStation 4 update

The PS4 version 4.50 update has one feature Sony didn't mention: A "boost mode" that soups up old games on PS4 Pro.
pit people first impressions the behemoth 0007

‘Pit People’: Our first take

rocket league toy cars toys

New line of toy cars are sure to get ‘Rocket League’ players revved up

The rocket-powered cars from Rocket League are getting their own replica toy line, although the "Original Minis" aren't rocket-powered.
htc vive revolve flip up mount

HTC Vive flip-up face mount Revolve easily surpasses its Kickstarter goal

A new HTC Vive mount that just achieved its Kickstarter goal seeks to correct one of virtual reality's biggest drawbacks.
amazon alexa game runescape quests one piercing note jagex skill

'One Piercing Note' is Amazon's attempt to get people to play games with Alexa

A new audio game based on the 15-year-old PC game RuneScape is now available for Amazon Alexa-enabled devices.
how resident evil 7 made itself in the model of modern horror games op ed 0002

‘Resident Evil 7’ wears its horror influences on its torn, bloody sleeves

It’s incredible that 'Resident Evil 7' turned out as good as it did, and it owes much of its success to ideas honed by its contemporaries.
the witcher cd projekt forum hack witcher2free header

Hack of CD Project Red's official forum exposes data of 1.9 million users

Users of the official CD Projekt Red forums have learned that their data may have been exposed in a security breach last year.
pokemon sun and moon third global mission 3

After failing two Pokémon global missions, can players complete the third?

Pokemon Sun and Moon's third global mission is here, but players failed the first two. Do they stand a chance this time?
valve team fortress 2 gambling shutdown pokernight

Valve starts cracking down on ‘Team Fortress 2’ gambling websites

After finding itself in hot water last year, Valve is taking action against Team Fortress 2 gambling sites.
pokemon bank sun moon mew glitch transfer mewtwo

You can get a glitched Mew into 'Pokémon Sun' and 'Moon,' but it won't be easy

With the recent update to Pokémon Bank, it's finally possible to get a glitched Mew into Pokémon Sun and Moon.
how to transfer old pokemon sun moon bank screencap 960 0

How to use Pokémon Bank to transfer old Pokémon to ‘Sun’ and ‘Moon’

Pokémon Bank has been updated to let you transfer old favs to 'Sun' and 'Moon.' The process isn't easy, but we have all the details here.
how to transfer old pokemon sun moon bank

Pokémon Bank finally lets you transfer old favorites to ‘Sun’ and ‘Moon’

The long-awaited Pokemon Bank update that allows players to transfer old favorites into Pokemon Sun and Moon is finally here.
Oculus Touch review

Oculus wants to help you set up the perfect virtual reality room

Oculus VR has published the first of a four-part series aimed at helping Rift owners set up the perfect VR room.
superhot vr update february

Huge ‘Superhot VR’ update returns fans to time-freezing bullet hell

Superhot VR fans will have several good reasons to return when the game's first big update arrives next month.
resident evil 7 beginners guide 2 bmp jpgcopy

Resident Evil 7 survival guide: 13 tips to keep you ticking

'Resident Evil 7' will push you to your limits. Thankfully, we have 13 tips and tricks for surviving this terrifying "survival-horror" game.
cloudgate studio htc vive feet full body tracking vr

VR developer straps Vive controllers to players’ feet for full-body tracking

Most VR games that track players' positions see only head and hands, but one developer has experimented with adding feet to the mix.
oculus rift age rating arc intenational coalition iarc ratings

Age rating for Oculus Rift apps is getting a lot simpler

All Oculus Rift games and apps must now receive global certification through the streamlined International Age Rating Coalition (IARC).
gravity rush 2 how to unlock costumes featured image

How to get every costume in ‘Gravity Rush 2’

From the military outfit to the jazz singer's dress, here's how to get every costume and outfit in 'Gravity Rush 2.'
gravity rush 2 review gravityrush2 01

‘Gravity Rush 2’ review

Let It Die Hands On

‘Let it Die’: Our first take

super mario run android tips header

10 tips for walking all over ‘Super Mario Run’

'Super Mario Run' doesn't do a great job of communicating with players, but it's still a fun mobile game if you know how to make the most of it.
super mario run first impressions 0001

‘Super Mario Run’: Our first take

dead rising 4 review 04

‘Dead Rising 4’ review

Smash Party VR

Titmouse’s ‘Smash Party’ proves that smashing stuff still feels good in VR

pokmon sun and moon review pokemon 013

‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’ review