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forza porsche partnership car pack forzarc microsoft 2017 04 12

Porsche is bringing its cars and a new esports event to ‘Forza Horizon 3’

Microsoft and Porsche today announced a partnership between the carmaker and Forza developer Turn 10 Studios.
overwatch new mode uprising insurrection overwatchuprisingfeat

‘Overwatch’ launches ‘Uprising’ co-op mode

A new Overwatch mode, which will likely be called Uprising, has been revealed thanks to a leaked French trailer.
horizon zero dawn sequel 2 guerrilla games 6

Hypothetical 'Horizon: Zero Dawn' sequel could feature equally deep story'

Horizon: Zero Dawn is a massive success on PS4 and an interview revealed the developers are thinking about a sequel.
xbox store spring sale gold subscription discount 2017 04 07

One-month Xbox Live membership goes for $1 during upcoming spring sale

Xbox Live Gold subscriptions and Xbox Design Lab custom controllers are among those products going on sale next week.

Developer’s reaction to this iOS ‘Firewatch’ rip-off is hilarious

The ways in which game developers react when their successful creations are blatantly ripped off can vary. This is one of the best.
sony playstation vr virtual reality arcades psvr headset 01

Sony might launch PlayStation VR in Japanese arcades and amusement parks

A new report from the Wall Street Journal said Sony is eyeing arcades, amusement parks and other physical locations for PlayStation VR.
warhammer 40000 40k dawn of war 3 iii open beta details sign up dow304 640x0

‘Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III’ open beta set days before game’s release

Relic Entertainment and Sega have announced details for the 'Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III' open beta, set days before the game's release.
spider man ps4 insomniac release date 2017 04 03  3

Insomniac’s Spider-Man game for PS4 coming in 2017, Marvel exec says

Insomniac Games' PS4 Spider-Man game may arrive this year, according to a Marvel executive who may have let the news slip.
dark souls 3 bananas controller atwerkingyoshi 2017 04 03  1

Someone is playing ‘Dark Souls 3’ using bananas as a controller

Twitch streamer and YouTuber ATwerkingYoshi has wired 10 bananas to serve as the various inputs for Dark Souls 3.
destiny age of triumph fake nostalgia raid ce action 02

Destiny’s latest update wants you to feel nostalgia, but hasn’t earned the right

Destiny's "Age of Triumph" update serves as the final send-off for Bungie's shared world shooter. But how soon is too soon for nostalgia?
new total war game countdown creative assembly ss d813fbc4c460bc356b0a70e2dd2fdeeebbf8668a 1920x1080

Creative Assembly unveils ‘Total War: Warhammer 2’ after weeklong countdown

After a weeklong countdown Creative Assembly has announced the next game in the Total War: Warhammer series.
nintendo switch review 0046

How the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con can help make art on a Surface Pro

YouTuber Brad Colbow has used Bluetooth to connect the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons to a Microsoft Surface Pro.
Persona 5

‘Persona 5’ review

team ninja nioh update pause game 3079852 screenshot07

Diminishing difficulty: ‘Nioh’ update adds the ability to pause the game

Team Ninja's challenging Souls-like game Nioh received a patch that adds the all-important ability to pause the game.
nintendo switch left joy con connection official statement 0015 1200x630 c

Why the Nintendo Switch's left Joy-Con disconnects, according to Nintendo

Nintendo has issued an official statement regarding the cause of the left Joy-Con connectivity issues plaguing the Switch.
dolphin nintendo wii shop channel update super mario galaxy 2

Dolphin gains access to Wii Shop Channel in major emulator breakthrough

The Nintendo Wii emulator Dolphin can now access the Wii Shop Channel to buy and download games,which represents a big breakthrough.
iam8bit series 88 undertale soundtrack piano vinyl 01 undertalepiano front

Nerdy art gallery iam8bit launches game soundtracks on vinyl piano series

The company that helped popularize game soundtracks on vinyl has announced a new series called Series 88, starting with Undertale.
Nintendo Switch review

YouTuber shows how to play Switch on TV without the dock

Some Nintendo Switch owners have reported problems with the official dock. One YouTuber has demonstrated a solution.
destiny age of triumph bungie vault glass update banner 1

The famous Vault of Glass from ‘Destiny’ appears in ‘Age of Triumph’ trailer

Bungie will up the Light level for all four raids to 390, the Nightfall will give an experience boost, and weekly raids have a new twist.
triangular pixels htc vive sensors cats dogs sony dsc

VR sensors for your pets could help keep them from getting kicked

Virtual reality developer Triangular Pixels is tackling the important issue of pets getting in the way during VR gameplay.
resident evil revelations ps4 xbox one rev

An older 'Resident Evil' game is getting released on PS4 and Xbox One

Resident Evil: Revelations, which originally launched on Nintendo 3DS in 2012, will be released on PS4 and Xbox One this fall.
strafe delayed release date may pixeltitans full

Retro-inspired shooter ‘Strafe’ won’t launch this month after all

The retro-inspired shooter Strafe, which combines elements of games like Quake with randomized roguelike features, is delayed.
nintendo switch netflix streaming apps focus feature v5

Nintendo chief: Netflix, Hulu are “not a differentiator” for Switch console

Nintendo of America president and COO Reggie Fils-Aimé addressed Switch's lack of streaming apps, hinting that they'll arrive in the future.
the legend of zelda breath wild cooking guide recipes botw header

How to cook food and elixirs in 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild'

Cooking in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is more than just fun -- it's required to survive. Here's how to do it best.

Second company cancels Nintendo Switch skins after they damage consoles

One accessory maker has cancelled orders for Nintendo Switch skins after discovering the console doesn't play nicely with adhesive.
zelda 900 seeds golden poop breathofthewild screen 003

‘Zelda’ and ‘Nioh’ may look friendly, but look closer, and you’ll find a dark soul

lawbreakers hands on review and boss key studio visit 0005

Defy gravity and other laws of physics with 'Lawbreakers' multiplayer beta

Lawbreakers, the next game from Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski, enters closed beta in March 2017, the developer has announced.
halo wars 2 review campaign a new enemy air recon featured

‘Halo Wars 2’ review

PlayStation 4 Pro review

PlayStation Now will no longer be supported on a wide range of devices

On Wednesday, Sony announced PlayStation Now, its game streaming subscription service, will no longer be supported on a variety of devices.
for honor bots exclusive taunts emotes 2017 02 15  4

Bots in ‘For Honor’ are using some next-level taunts that cut as deep as a katana

Players have discovered that the AI-controlled bots in For Honor have access to stinging taunts that players can't even get yet.
overwatch goldeneye crossover mashup video 2017 02 15  2

An ‘Overwatch’-‘GoldenEye’ crossover aims a Golden Gun right at your nostalgia

YouTuber Noilleber has crafted the perfect crossover, one we didn't know we needed until now: GoldenEye 007 meets Overwatch.

Zelda games in 2D are in the realm of possibility for the Nintendo Switch

Zelda series producer said in an interview that it's possible the teams behind recent 3DS Zelda games could bring their talents to Switch.
costume quest cartoon amazon frederator double fine

‘Adventure Time’ studio to turn ‘Costume Quest’ game series into Amazon cartoon

Amazon has announced a new children's series based on Double Fine's Costume Quest, a game about trick-or-treating with magical costumes.
halo wars 2 pc release canceled

'Halo Wars 2' PC disc release canceled in U.S., will be available digitally

Microsoft canceled plans for a physical release of the PC version of Halo Wars 2 in the U.S. The game will be available digitally.