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report activision blizzard acquires most of major league gamings assets for 46 million mlg logo

Major League Gaming prepares for the next generation of consoles

Deus Ex: The Fall review

‘PlanetSide 2’ brings the lessons of its predecessor to eSports engagements

Don Mattrick’s deal to take CEO role at Zynga worth a reported $50 million

‘Fez’ due for patch following Microsoft’s elimination of Xbox Live Arcade update fees

American McGee seeking $500K on Kickstarter to regain ‘Alice’ film rights

Windows head Julie Larson-Green could be put in charge of Xbox hardware

Double Fine’s $3.3 million in Kickstarter funds wasn’t enough to finish ‘Broken Age’

Xbox One won’t launch until 2014 in Japan

‘Titanfall’ scores big at E3 2013 with the most Game Critics Awards ever

Ubisoft hacked and account info accessed, publisher recommends a password change

Major League Gaming aims for recognition as a top five U.S. sport

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer temporarily takes over for departing Don Mattrick

Nintendo appeal to recover from domain squatter denied

‘The Last of Us’ patch removes functioning phone sex number from in-game posters

The results are in: MLG Spring Championship 2013 concludes with record setting attendance

mlgs 2013 spring championship inspires wonder minutes away from disneyland mlg audience

A look inside Major League Gaming’s 2013 Spring Championship

Time Warner Cable app coming to Xbox 360 with 300 live channels for subscribers

Double Fine’s ‘Massive Chalice’ closes Kickstarter with $1.2 million

Xbox One and Windows PCs require separate second-gen Kinect hardware

Nvidia Shield launch pushed to July 2013 due to ‘mechanical issue’

That didn’t take long: Porn comes to Ouya

Sony execs admit that controversial Xbox One policies informed E3 2013 strategy

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer confirms that the ‘Crackdown’ franchise isn’t dead

Xbox One doesn’t come with a headset, but Kinect still works for voice chat

Ouya now available at retail as backer units are delayed

Hideo Kojima wants a ‘Metal Gear Solid’ remake for Fox Engine

‘Saints Row IV’ refused rating in Australia, the first since R18+ was introduced

Sony one-ups Microsoft with more PS4 exclusives in first year

Madden’s creator wins court ruling against EA

PS4 and Xbox One break Amazon pre-order records during E3 2013

Ellen Page doesn’t appreciate Naughty Dog ‘ripping off’ her likeness in ‘The Last of Us’

‘NBA Live 14’ confirmed a next-gen exclusive for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Xbox Live ‘Games with Gold’ free titles arrive 1st and 16th of every month