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Nintendo Switch

Bait and Switch: Nintendo’s new console is everything wrong with gaming hype

game boy cameraman instagram interview jean jacques calbayrac gameboycameraman

Meet the Instagram phenom making art with a Game Boy Camera from 1998

The Game Boy Cameraman posts photos online shot with the retro game console. We chatted with him about his craft and finding other people's 8-bit nudes.
gears of war 4 multiplayer guide gears4 versus escalation

‘Gears of War 4’ multiplayer guide: Tips and tricks for victory in versus mode

The multiplayer modes in 'Gears of War 4' are more intense than ever, and you’ll have to master every move, mode, and weapon to come out on top. Here's how.
destiny light level guide 20160921010636

How to get your light level above 365 in ‘Destiny: Rise of Iron’

Upping your light level above 365 in 'Rise of Iron' can be confusing. This guide will help, whether you need artifacts, ghost shells, or any other gear.
funniest gun names destiny rise of iron screen 03 ps4 us 03jun16

These 'Destiny: Rise of Iron' guns will keep you entertained

'Rise of Iron' is finally here and with it comes a host of new, absurd weaponry in the 'Destiny' tradition. Here are some of the most comical new guns.
pokemon sun moon competitive battle guide popplio vs alolan rattata

How to train like a master and compete in ‘Pokémon Sun,’ ‘Moon’ multiplayer battles

The latest Pokémon games have a hidden layer: a robust breeding, training, and battling metagame that hardcore players dedicate hundreds of hours to.

Bloodborne review

Dying Light screenshot 27

Dying Light review

no mans sky e3 preview 2014 man s  diplo

Not even the guys who coded No Man’s Sky know what will happen when they play

david jaffe one gamings polarizing figures hes big softie fans drawn to death 4

David Jaffe is one of gaming’s most polarizing figures, but he’s a big softie for his fans

Drawn to Death creator David Jaffe discusses his inspirations for the upcoming PS4 shooter and his unique relationship with fandom.
lessons destinys first add bring larger fixes endless loot grind destiny  dark below 5

From Halo to Destiny: Bungie embraces the ‘delicious form of culture shock’

Bungie's journey from building a universe for Halo to building one for Destiny has resulted in a 'delicious form of culture shock' for developer and fans alike.
lessons destinys first add bring larger fixes endless loot grind destiny  dark below 5

Lessons from Destiny’s first add-on could bring larger fixes to the endless loot grind

heres everything need know story leading dragon age inquisition dao concept art 6

Here’s everything you need to know about the story leading into Dragon Age: Inquisition

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth review

Lords of the Fallen screenshot 1

Lords of the Fallen review

Dark Souls 2 Ivory King screenshot 4

Dark Souls II: Crown of the Ivory King review

Gauntlet screenshot 1

Gauntlet review

Dark Souls 2 Iron King screenshot 7

Dark Souls II: Crown of the Old Iron King review

2K leaves its minigame mark on wrestling with WWE 2K15

We've got a first look at what Yuke's and Visual Concepts are pulling together for WWE 2K15, the first game in the series that's coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
Hohokum screenshot 1

Hohokum review

Metrico screenshot 1

Metrico review

Dark Souls 2 CSK screenshot 7

Dark Souls II: Crown of the Sunken King review

The Razer Junglecat iOS controller is perfectly portable, despite compromises

We wrap our paws around the Razer Junglecat, an iPhone controller/case combo that makes up for the lack of control flexibility with a sleek design.

Solving ‘the violence equation’ in Lichdom: Battlemage

Atlanta-based indie Xaviant shows off the latest build of its magic-focused first-person action-RPG, Lichdom: Battlemage.
ccp games eve online universe e3 2014 project legion

EVE Online universe spans three games connected by immortal clone-jumpers

A broad overview of what's coming up for CCP Games' EVE Online universe, including how the Iceland-based team plans to link player accounts across three games.

Alienware Alpha launches this holiday with custom Windows 8.1, SteamOS coming later

Take a peek at the Alienware Alpha, a small form factor gaming PC that hits stores this fall.
Dark Souls 2 screenshot 8

Dark Souls II review

The original Plants vs. Zombies made millions. So why is the sequel free-to-play?

rise of the triad 2013 review skull

Rise of the Triad (2013) review

A look at all the upcoming eSports competitions for 2013

The rise, and completely predictable fall of game developer Phil Fish

In spite of criticisms, Twitch dreams of eSports expansion

YouTube creator Freddie Wong talks season 2 of ‘VGHS,’ and how to scare Hollywood

a look at all the upcoming esports competitions for 2013 mlg multiple headsets

Making competitive gaming fair: MLG’s President talks about creating a balance