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Latest by M. Rougeau

Halo 4 multiplayer update boosts weapon damage, movement speed

‘Deus Ex: The Fall’ teasers hint at big game reveal

GameStop expecting to shell out $2.5 billion in credit from next-gen console upgrades

A new official Fable forum may hint at an impending E3 reveal

No more ‘TV talk:’ Microsoft and Sony promise to focus on gaming at E3

‘Warcraft’ film to start shooting in 2014

‘Mortal Kombat’ fighter Scorpion joins ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ as DLC

Sony reportedly considering breaking off its entertainment division

Naughty Dog sticking with current gen engine for next gen games

Rhode Island considers ignoring its $112 mil debt from the 38 Studios loan

‘Dishonored’ studio reportedly takes over ‘Prey 2’ development

EA begins to undo Online Pass as Xbox 360 DLC goes free

Double Fine’s new ‘Massive Chalice’ Kickstarter described as XCOM-meets-‘Final Fantasy Tactics’

‘Sonic: Lost World’ features competitive multiplayer modes and exclusive 3DS levels

BioWare’s ‘Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic’ is out now for iPad

‘Crysis 3’ books June 4 trip to ‘The Lost Island’ multiplayer DLC

Driver: San Francisco dev reportedly working on racing sim The Crew

Microsoft plans to drop a cool billion on creating first party games

ESA nails 5 million for copyright infringement

‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’ community to police cheaters

Wii U sales surge in UK following Xbox One announcement

A new report claims that used games on Xbox One will cost nearly as much as new titles

‘Need for Speed Rivals’ announced for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and other platforms

The atomic blimp awaits you in the newly announced ‘GTAV’ bundles

Former NCAA QB wins appeal, sets up First Amendment showdown with EA

‘Dead Island’ dev Techland goes back to zombies in ‘Dying Light’ for WBIE

Oculus VR adds ex-Valve engineer and noted robotics researcher to team

The new Kinect will eventually watch you from a PC

cryteks hack and slashgame ryse now an xbox one exclusive

Crytek’s hack-and-slash game ‘Ryse’ now an Xbox One exclusive

EA will reveal its plans for Star Wars at E3

‘Metro: Last Light’ announces four DLCs and a season pass

EA claims Wii U games are in development, but won’t say what they are

Rhode Island prepares to sell 38 Studios’ ‘Amalur’ IP

Microsoft trademark for ‘Forzavista’ suggests an imminent Forza announcement