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Netflix on a TV screen showing on the Roku home screen.

Netflix to hide its subscriber numbers starting in 2025

Netflix says that it no longer will give regular updates about how many paid subscriber it has, because it's about quality, not quantity.
An Apple TV 4K sitting on a wood entertainment center with a HomePod Mini behind it.

What we want to see from the next Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K is the best streaming device you can buy — but that doesn't mean it can't be better. This is what we'd like to see added to the next version.
tablo ota dvr 4th generation review tv 2023 2

Tablo’s four-tuner/antenna bundle is just about perfect

If you need a simple and relatively inexpensive way to get your over-the-air broadcast channels, this bundle from Tablo is tough to beat.
The Moto Buds in Forest Gray.

New $129 Moto Buds+ tap Bose for boom and Dolby for head tracking

The Moto Buds+ look to be perfect when paired with Motorola's Edge 50 series of phones, with Bose and Dolby Atmos raising the stakes.
best youtube tv alternatives alternative 5

The 5 best YouTube TV alternatives in 2024

YouTube TV is a great streaming service. But it's not the only one. Here are the best YouTube TV alternatives you should check out.
YouTube TV and Hulu apps on the Roku homescreen.

Yes, YouTube TV is kind of broken tonight

YouTube TV — the biggest live streaming service in the U.S. — is glitching all over the place this evening. Adjust your life accordingly.
Hulu with Live TV.

Hulu with Live TV: plans, price, channels, bundles and more

Ready to ditch your cable box, but want to hang onto linear programming? You should take a look at Hulu With Live TV. Here’s everything you should know.
Roku Streaming Stick 4K.

Roku closes the barn door, badly, after a half-million accounts are compromised

Roku has finally turned on two-factor authentication -- after it learned that more than 500,000 accounts were hit by a credential-stuffing attack.
An actual picture of an Apple TV, with a camera lens added by Photoshop's generative AI feature.

Let’s discuss an Apple TV 4K with a camera

Can Apple put a camera in Apple TV 4K? Sure. But that doesn't mean it'd make much sense — especially when the iPhone exists.
Phil Nickinson with the Sennheiser Momentum Sport, and a thermometer.

Sennheiser Momentum Sport earbuds take your temperature the easy way

The Sennheiser Momentum Sport squeezed a thermometer in the earbuds. The real question is whether you actually need that sort of stat in your daily workout.
A handout picture of the Roku Pro Series television.

Roku Pro Series TVs finally go after the high(er) end, start at $899

With a new operating system and higher-end hardware, the Roku Pro Series smart TV hopes to start to break in to the more premium side of the market.
ESPN+ as seen on a television.

Standalone ESPN to launch by fall 2025, with Disney Bundle available

You should be able to subscribe to ESPN channels without any other cable or streaming services by fall 2025. We still don't have a price, however.
Sling TV on a TV.

Sling TV channels: Can you watch CBS, TBS, Bally Sports, and more?

Sling TV is one of the more affordable streaming options, but that comes at the expense of ease of use, and not having as many channels by default.
Taylor Swift on the SiriusXM iPhone app.

SiriusXM firing up a dedicated Taylor Swift channel on April 7

The satellite-and-streaming service presents Channel 13 (Taylor's Version) some 13 days before the release of her new album. It won't be around forever, though.
The Sling TV guide on an iPhone.

Do you need the internet for Sling TV?

Sling TV is an internet-based streaming service. Thus, you'll need some kind of internet connection if you want to watch anything on it.
NBA on Sling TV.

Are NBA games on Sling TV?

Yes, you can watch NBA games on Sling. If you have the right channels, and if the game is available on one of those channels. It gets a little complicated.
Sling TV app icon on Apple TV.

Is college football on Sling TV?

Yes, you can watch college football on Sling TV — but only if you have the right channels. And even then, you might still be missing some.
The local Fox network as seen in the Sling TV live guide.

Does Sling TV have local channels?

Sling TV does have some local channels available to stream — if you're in the right market, and if those channels are actually available.
Sling TV guide on an iPhone.

Sling TV versus YouTube TV

YouTube TV is the most popular live streaming service with more than 8 million subscribers. Sling TV has about one quarter of that. So which is best for you?
Sling TV logo.

Sling Orange vs. Sling Blue: Which Sling TV package is best?

Sling TV comes with two flavors of base plans — Sling Orange, and Sling Blue. But which one is the best for you?
NHL on Sling TV.

Are NHL games on Sling TV?

Yes, you can watch NHL games on Sling TV, but only if you have the right channels on the right package. And even then, you might need to augment your service.
Sling TV.

Is Sling TV free with Amazon Prime?

Sling TV isn't free with Amazon Prime because it has nothing to do with Amazon Prime. You can get it on Amazon devices, but you'll need a subscription.
The Kids category on Sling TV.

Sling TV versus Hulu With Live TV

Sling TV and Hulu With Live TV do things a little differently but are strong competitors for live streaming video. But one has a pretty huge ace up its sleeve.
Premier League on Sling TV.

Is Premier League Soccer on Sling TV?

You can watch Premier League matches on Sling TV, but only if you have the right channels. And you might well want another service to help augment things.
Sling TV.

Sling TV versus Fubo

Sling TV and Fubo are two excellent options for a live streaming service, but they come about things differently.
The ABC News Live channel on Sling TV.

Does Sling TV have ABC?

ABC is one of the major broadcast networks and it is available to stream on Sling TV. But only in a handful of markets.
Sling TV Freestream logo.

What is Sling Freestream?

Free, ad-supported channels — otherwise known as FAST services — are all the rage these days. And Sling TV has its own in Freestream.
Sling TV on an iPhone.

How many devices can you watch Sling TV on at once?

Sling TV lets you stream your favorite channels on multiple devices — if you have the right plan, and if that channel is covered under that plan.
The main Amazon Fire TV home screen.

How to reset an Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Android-based Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the most popular platforms in the world for streaming video on your TV. Here's how to reset it.
A Lionel Messi promo for MLS Season Pass on Apple TV.

Apple (and Messi) offering a monthlong trial of MLS Season Pass

You can get a free one-month trial of MLS Season Pass on Apple TV, thanks to Lionel Messi. Just sign up by April 5.
March Madness on Sling TV on an iPhone.

Is March Madness on Sling TV?

It's that time of year again — March Madness is back. And you can watch it all on Sling TV. (If you're willing to work at it a little.)
HBO Max app icon.

Max will be available to stream in Europe starting May 21

Warner Bros. Discovery will launch the Max era in Europe starting on May 21, with some 25 countries on the agenda.
Multiview on YouTube TV on an iPad.

YouTube TV just got even better on iPhones and iPads

You can now watch up to four shows at once in multivew with YouTube TV on iPhone and iPad. Just try not to burn out on all the cable news .
The LG CineBeam Q projector.

LG sweetens the deal on its new CineBeam Q projector

LG is throwing in a free portable speaker and a $200 gift card if you preorder its new CineBeam Q projector by April 8.