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Netflix final DVD envelope.

Netflix will ship its final DVDs this fall

Netflix will stop shipping DVDs and Blu-rays at the end of September 2023, ending a 25-year run that ultimately led it to become the global streaming leader.
Apple TV's multiview feature as seen with Friday Night Baseball.

Apple TV’s multiview feature is now live in beta

The Apple TV app now has a multiview feature on Apple TV hardware running the tvOS 16.5 beta.
Warner Bros. Discovery executive JB Perrette on stage at the Max launch event.

It’s deja vu all over again for HBO, Discovery — and the new Max

It's been three years since HBO Max marked the beginning of the future for Warner Bros. Maybe the new Max service will last longer this time.
Max streaming service logo.

4K video will cost more on the new Max streaming service

If you want to stream anything on Max in 4K resolution, you're going to have to pay a few extra dollars each month.
Shot from the Max event.

New Max streaming service combines HBO Max and Discovery on May 23

The new Max streaming service — the combination of HBO Max and Discovery — will be available on May 23, execs said during the launch event.
Google TV live guide.

Google TV adds even more free TV to its live guide

Google TV has added Tubi, Plex, and Haystack News listings to its live guide, joining Pluto as part of the built-in free offerings.
YouTube Premium on iPhone.

YouTube gives iOS users another reason to pay for Premium

YouTube Premium now supports higher 1080p bit rates for iOS, and added a few more features to help sweeten the extra cost.
Meta Verified on a phone.

Meta already verified me to influence elections — so why do I have to pay for a checkmark?

If you have to prove who you are and where you live to run political advertising on Facebook and Instagram, paying for a blue checkmark makes even less sense.
T-Mobile 5G nationwide network advertisement.

T-Mobile customers will get free MLB.TV through 2028

T-Mobile customers will get MLB.TV for free through 2028, thanks to a new partnership with Major League Baseball.
Sling TV logo on Apple TV.

Sling TV: price, channels, extras and more

Sling TV is a great option for those looking to stream live TV. The plans are inexpensive, but don't have as many channels as competitors.
Kendal Roy (Jeremy Strong) in Succession on HBO.

What earbuds was Kendal Roy wearing in Succession season 4, episode 2?

Kendal Roy definitely knows his status symbols in the HBO series Succession. And that includes his earbuds in season 4.
Apple TV 4K hardware with remote and retail box.

Apple TV: price, hardware, software, and more

Is Apple TV the right streaming device for your home system? What does it offer? Our guide will walk you through everything you need to know about Apple TV.
YouTube TV on Apple TV.

YouTube TV now available as a bundle with Frontier internet

Subscribers of Frontier internet can now add YouTube TV to their bill — and get a discount for the first year.
FuboTV app icon on Apple TV.

MLB.TV will be available on Fubo this season

MLB.TV will be available as a $25-a-month add-on with the Fubo streaming service.
Friday Night Baseball on Apple TV+.

Apple’s Friday Night Baseball now requires an Apple TV+ subscription

Friday Night Baseball is set to return to Apple TV+ — but this year, you'll need a subscription to watch.
LG SC9 soundbar in a product lifestyle image.

LG’s 2023 SC9 and SE6 soundbars are now available

The 2023 LG SC9 and SE6 soundbars are now available at $999 and $450, respectively.
Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED Series TV.

Amazon celebrates 200 million Fire TV devices by launching more

Amazon is celebrating having sold 200 million Fire TV devices by launching new televisions at both the high and low ends of the Fire TV lineup.
FuboTV app icon on Apple TV.

FuboTV is now just … Fubo

FuboTV has simplified its name to what many have been calling it all this time — Fubo.
YouTube TV and Hulu apps on the Roku homescreen.

Hulu Live vs. YouTube TV: How to pick the best live streaming service

Hulu With Live TV and YouTube TV are two of the biggest streaming services in the U.S. We'll help you decide which is best.
Sling TV app icon on Apple TV.

The best Sling TV alternatives

Sling TV has more than 2 million subscribers and is the third-most popular service in the U.S. But there are other options you should take a look at.
YouTube TV 4K Plus channel.

YouTube TV finally gets the 4K Plus plan’s price right

The 4K Plus add-on for YouTube TV has always been an extravagance. But cutting the price in half makes it a much easier pill to swallow.
Dark theme on YouTube TV.

YouTube TV price hike is a reminder that you have to do the math

The YouTube TV base plan is getting more expensive, but some subscribers actually will see their overall bills go down.
best youtube tv alternatives alternative 5

The best YouTube TV alternatives

YouTube TV is a great streaming service. But it's not the only one. Here are the best YouTube TV alternatives you should check out.
Sonos Era 300 and Era 100 side by side.

Sonos has always been expensive — but that doesn’t mean it’s overpriced

Sonos speakers always have cost a lot of money. But just because you can't afford something doesn't mean it's overpriced.
The March Madness app on an iPhone.

How to watch March Madness online

March Madness is back, with the 2023 NCAA Men's College Basketball Tournament scheduled to run from March 14 to April 3. Here's how to watch every game.
Roku Select Series television.

The first Roku-made televisions are now available at Best Buy

The Roku Select Series and Roku Plus Series televisions are the first to be made by the streaming veteran under its own name.
Hulu app icon on Roku.

Hulu Live loses Sinclair-owned ABC affiliates

If you have Hulu With Live TV and live in a town that has a Sinclair-owned ABC affiliate, the latter is now missing from the former due to a contract dispute.
how to share google one family app android

How to share Google One storage with your family

Google One lets you share extra cloud storage with your family — but Google doesn't turn that feature on by default. Here's how to fix that.
Sonos TruePlay settings.

The Sonos Era speakers solve a major problem for Android users

The Sonos Era 100 and Era 300 speakers are the first to employ Trueplay customization on the speakers themselves and no longer require the use of a smartphone.
Phil Nickinson, as edited by Adobe Photoshop's Neural Filter.

Photoshop AI thinks ‘happiness’ is a smile with rotten teeth

Photoshop and Lightroom are essential tools for any photographer. But you just can't leave it in the hands of artificial intelligence.
A Sonos email touting an upcoming launch.

Sonos teases upcoming launch of the Era generation

Sonos has sent out a marketing email teasing the next era of its popular wireless speakers.
The Mandalorian Google Easter Egg as seen on a phone.

Google has the cutest Mandalorian Easter egg

The Mandalorian is back with Season 3, and Google's got a great little Easter egg to celebrate.
Atlanta-San Jose game page for MLS Season Pass on Apple TV.

MLS Season Pass on Apple TV shows everyone else how to stream sports

The opening match of the 2023 MLS season made it obvious — Apple TV can stream live sports in the sort of quality you'd expect from Apple.
MLS Season Pass on a TV.

Watch every MLS game for free this weekend on Apple TV

The first 14 games of the 2023 MLS season are available for free on MLS Season Pass on Apple TV.