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Amazon Echo Frames arrive in blue light and sunglasses forms for summertime

The Amazon Echo Frames originally launched in December but came with a somewhat limited series of options. Today, Amazon announced two new models of the Echo Frames: A set of polarized sunglasses and a set of blue-light filtering glasses. The new options come after a lot of customer feedback asking for different options and styles.

The sunglasses themselves are available in two different versions, too. One is a classic set of sunglasses, while the other is a set of blue mirror sunglasses. Both versions are IPX4-rated, which means they are perfect for wearing while working out or walking outside. While they shouldn’t be worn while swimming, they can withstand a few splashes of sweat or rain.

On the other hand, the Echo Frames with a blue-light filter are perfect for people that spend a lot of time at their computers. Blue light can interfere with your circadian rhythm and interrupt your sleep cycle, so the blue light filter makes it possible to play video games or browse the web in the evenings without worrying about disturbing your rest.

The polarized blue mirror sunglasses will start shipping on May 18, while the Echo Frames with blue-light filtering lenses and the polarized classic sunglasses begin shipping on June 9. Both options are available in the classic black frames for $270.

The Echo Frames are more than just glasses. They provide access to Alexa with a touch of a button, as well as give you easy access to music, podcasts, and more without the use of headphones. You can control your music and playlists by saying “Alexa, pause,” or “Alexa, next.”

Another feature allows you to communicate with other Echo devices by dropping in and communicating with friends and family. You can also broadcast to Alexa devices in your home to let your family know you’re on your way home, or to let everyone know that dinner is ready.

The new options are available for purchase now. Though the cost might be prohibitive for some, the launch of these new versions — and the coming of summer months and outdoor activities — are a great time to try out these smart audio glasses for yourself.

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