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Whole Foods pulls its app from Apple Watch and iOS 9 following update

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Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Update: The Whole Foods apps were updated for the iPhone and iPad but the new version removed it from Apple Watch and iOS 9 support.

In addition to Amazon purchasing Whole Foods for $13.7 billion last week, the grocery store chain also updated its apps this past weekend for the iPhone and iPad — listing changes like bug fixes along with the removal of the app from Apple Watch and iOS 9. Before the update, the app allowed iOS users to easily put together shopping lists that would then sync to the Watch for access while shopping.

Per a report from Apple Insider last month, it would seem as though a number of major apps have moved away from the wearable, though they have done so rather surreptitiously. For example, the Google Maps update on iOS also no longer shows support for Apple Watch and while the release notes did not mention its removal, keen observers noticed the absence.

But it was not just the navigation app that quietly bid adieu to Apple Watch. Both Amazon and eBay previously showed Apple Watch support in their iOS apps. But when each platform was updated, neither maintained an Apple Watch app. It is the same story with Target, whose app can still be found on the iPad and iPhone, but no longer on the Apple Watch.

The Whole Foods app, on the other hand, announced the removal from Apple Watch in its update with an interesting description that read: “Bug fixes, plus nighty nighty to Apple Watch and iOS 9 support,” noted 9to5Mac.

While the disappearance of Google Maps was a bit surprising (it was useful, after all, to be able to glance down at your wrist to see where you are going), it didn’t seem as though folks were too upset — while users of the Whole Foods app felt the opposite.

Based on the reviews after the update, it is clear that being able to easily pull up a grocery list on your smart watch was more convenient than the grocery store chain would have guessed. Thus far, neither Whole Foods or Amazon have said anything one way or another as to whether or not WatchOS support will be reinstated.

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