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EXCLUSIVE: Honor Magic Watch 2 is coming, and this is what it will look like

The smartwatch previously teased by Honor will be called the Honor Magic Watch 2, it will be out before the end of the year, and this is what it will look like. The company showed Digital Trends the Magic Watch 2’s design sketches, revealing more about the look of the watch, compared to the early Halloween-themed teaser released at the end of October.

It’s no real surprise the watch will be called the Honor Magic Watch 2, but this does confirm it will be a sequel to the attractive Honor Magic Watch from the beginning of the year. What else do the design sketches tell us? The body will be 46mm wide, and will be covered with a 2.5D curved piece of glass. This is larger than the first Magic Watch, which has a 42mm body and a 1.2-inch screen. Huawei makes both a 42mm version and a 46mm version of the Huawei Watch GT2.

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Honor told Digital Trends it consulted specialist watchmakers during the Magic Watch 2’s design process, and went through multiple options before settling on the one seen here. The final shape is reminiscent of both the first Magic Watch and the Huawei Watch GT2, with its dual buttons on the side. The company calls it a fashion timepiece, with a design influenced by a chronograph watch.

This is evidenced by one of the bezel designs, which shows numbers running around the edge of the face, while another just shows time indicator lines. Honor has two different lug designs for the Magic Watch 2, suggesting there will be more than one model, perhaps with one suiting more slender wrists. It’s designed for everyday wear and has health and fitness features, which we expect to be linked with the Huawei Health app. Without a view of the case back, we don’t know if it has a heart rate sensor, but we suspect it will.

Staying with the bezel design, it appears to slope away from the face, and should make the touchscreen pleasant to interact with. Honor says the Magic Watch 2 will react to swipes and taps, plus pinch to zoom, just like your phone. Additionally, we now know the side buttons will work as a home button and as an option to jump to an often-used app. The app it’s linked with will be customizable.

What else? The strap in the sketches looks to be a sporty silicone one, although there may be different options available at launch, and the case back is said to be a soft material mated to a matte-finish body. The software is unknown, but a version of Huawei’s LiteOS on the Watch GT is likely, rather than Google’s WearOS.

Both Honor and Huawei are in the midst of a larger wearables push, with Honor launching its new Honor Band Sport and Sport Pro headphones, and Huawei its Freebuds 3. The Magic Watch 2 is next on the list for Honor, and it will be out before the end of the year and will be sold globally, too. When? That’s not clear yet, but there’s always a chance the Magic Watch 2 will make an appearance alongside the Honor V30 5G on November 26.

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