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Reddit now lets you embed posts on other websites

Reddit is following in the footsteps of other social media platforms by allowing its posts to be embedded on selected third-party websites.

The move will likely please media publishers and bloggers who can now include Reddit content — including posts containing media, such as GIFs, photos, and videos — on their respective sites.

For web users, the update will mean a better visual experience, and the ability to interact with posts. Whereas in the past, all a website could do was screenshot a Reddit image, or hyperlink to a user post or comment, now it can better showcase a Reddit link with all the information a reader needs contained within it.

These links will include the name of the subreddit, the title of the post, when it was shared, how many points it has received (which determine its popularity), and the total number of comments. Clicking on the post will take you directly to its page on Reddit, where you can interact with it further if you wish.

The embed function can be found by clicking the “share” option underneath a post or comment, and then clicking “embed,” where the code you need to paste on to your website or blog will be located. It is important to note that the feature does not currently work on every website, and Reddit has yet to explain the technicalities behind it.

Reddit itself stands to gain a lot more publicity thanks to embedded posts. Aside from the controversial behavior of some of its users, the site is often in the news for its AMA sessions with celebrities, and notable personalities. It can also be a rich source of information on pop culture topics, from gaming to movies, and beyond.

“The great thing about Reddit content is that it’s usually longer, it’s more insightful, more in-depth than you’ll see on other social platforms,” Mark Luckie, Reddit’s head of journalism and media, told TechCrunch. “You’re going to get a more robust conversation.”

The added exposure could also amount to more advertising revenue for Reddit. The link-sharing site has already confirmed several publishing partners for the new feature, including AOL, Time Inc., and Advance Local.

Reddit is promising to release additional publisher tools, in conjunction with media partners, in the future.

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