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Wingz and Expedia partner to make travel to and from the airport easier

wingz expedia partnership in car

You’ve made it. You’re off the plane, you’ve gone through customs, and now, all that’s left between you and vacation is that dreaded car ride from the terminal to where it is you actually want to be. As though travel weren’t stressful enough, trying to navigate the sea of people and eager taxi drivers (Who knows if they’re scamming you or not?) sometimes seems to be the cherry atop the worst sundae of your life. But stress no longer — Wingz is here for you.

The new peer-to-peer ridesharing service promises to put the reins squarely in your hands, allowing you to control your transportation to and from the airport (without driving yourself, of course). And now, Wingz has integrated with, allowing travelers to seamlessly book airport transportation while simultaneously taking care of their hotel and flight reservations. By giving you the option to book in advance, you’ll know that regardless of how inconvenient your landing or flight time may be, you’ll be taken care of. Better still, with a flat-rate quote, there’s no surge pricing or meters to keep tabs on either.

Perhaps most importantly of all, Wingz assures that all its drivers are trained, thoroughly background-checked, and maintain a $1 million insurance policy, all with your safety in mind. And if you find yourself establishing a particularly great rapport with a particular driver (frequent fliers will empathize), you can request your favorite guy or gal for your trips. 

Now that Wingz and Expedia has joined forces, a bit more of the headache associated with travel may finally be alleviated. “Expedia continues to lead the way in adding innovative services that enhance and simplify the traveler experience, and we are thrilled to be the first peer-to-peer service to partner with them,” said Chris Brandon, Wingz’s CEO. “The airport transportation market has been highly fragmented and saddles travelers with unpredictable costs and unreliable service. With Wingz, Expedia customers now have a consistent, reliable, and personal transportation option, taking the stress out of getting to and from the airport.”

Nikki Krishnamurthy, senior vice president of Expedia echoed these sentiments, noting, “There will always be Expedia customers looking for the peace of mind that comes with booking airport transportation in advance of their travel. Integrating Wingz into’s booking path offers travelers a consistent, affordable experience to and from the airport.”  

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