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California anti-encryption bill proposal might force Apple to stop sales on its home turf

California has pushed a new law into the state assembly, looking to weaken smartphone encryption and give law enforcement a permanent backdoor. The legislation is a carbon copy of an anti-encryption law published in New York state last…

Panasonic’s Android-powered Lumix CM10 lets you do everything but phone calls

Panasonic's latest Android-powered smart camera, the Lumix CM10, has all the features of its predecessor, the CM1, except the phone call capability. It retains the 1-inch, 4K-capable 20-megapixel camera, and runs Android 5.0 apps.

This phone case lights up in time to music, ready to annoy everyone behind you at concerts

Smartphones are now so common at concerts and festivals, we may as well make them standout as much as possible. That's the idea behind the Candel, a case with a light up rear panel that flashes in time with music.

10 troublesome Galaxy Note 5 problems and how to fix them

There’s plenty to recommend Samsung’s latest release in the Note series, but some owners have run into issues. Here are the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 problems being commonly reported online, with advice on how to fix them.

A consumer group sues Samsung for not updating Android on 82 percent of its phones

Samsung has done a lot to improve its software updates over the past few years, but a Dutch consumer group is still unhappy with the lack of timely updates, and has sued the South Korean electronics giant.

Your OnePlus phone will be delivered in an hour, or it'll cost you absolutely nothing

OnePlus has teamed up with Henchman in London, to provide a one-hour delivery service in the city for anyone ordering a OnePlus 2 or a OnePlus X. In addition to the chance of a free gift, if the phone is even a single minute late, it'll…

Leaked codenames hint at two sensibly-sized HTC Nexus phones in 2016

After working with LG and Huawei last year, Google might be planning to partner with HTC for two Nexus devices in 2016. It would be the first time Google has partnered with HTC on a mobile since 2010. Here's everything we think we know…

Is your phone conflict free? If it's from Apple or Samsung, no, says Amnesty International

Do you own a conflict phone? You probably do, according to Amnesty International's latest report. The organization accuses several big smartphone makers -- including Apple, Samsung, and Huawei -- of making phones with conflict minerals.

T-Mobile finally gets the BlackBerry Priv on January 26

BlackBerry's new phone is a slider called the Priv, and it runs Android. Its the company's first Android smartphone, but it still has a full keyboard. Here are all the specs, pricing, and availability info you need to know about the…

Samsung has tweaked the Galaxy Note 5’s design to fix S Pen problems

There is a right way and a wrong way to insert the S Pen stylus into a Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Doing it wrong used to result in damage to the device, but Samsung has changed the design to put and end to such problems.

Huawei may eventually release four different versions of the P9 smartphone

Rumors are gathering Huawei is working on the successor to the P8, it's gorgeous 2015 flagship smartphone. The P9 may also be joined by the P9 Max, plus several other P9 phones, and we've got all the rumors and leaks right here.